Why should you consider adopting a dog?

According to the yearly Dogs Trust survey, there are currently around 56,043 stray dogs across the UK. This number is the lowest it has ever been however Raised by Humans and Dog’s Trust believe this number is still too high and more needs to be done to help these dogs find homes.

Although this has been the lowest number of stray dogs in 21 years, we want to be able to tackle the problem before it starts.

Why are so many dogs in shelters?

On average 1 in 10 dogs will find a permanent home. This is down to various reasons that can be avoided with the right information given to people looking to take in or give dogs as gifts to others.

There are numerous reasons for dogs ending up at the shelter such as owners having personal health problems that are no longer manageable, changes in personal life so you no longer can tend to a dogs needs as well moving to a new house. These reasons are unforeseeable and cannot be helped however instead of a shelter should look to rehome them personally.

There are also reasons for putting dogs in shelter’s that can be helped. Many people buy their dogs by popular breed and not by what they are able to manage and sadly this can have an effect on how dogs will behave and how long they will stay in someone’s life. For many, the costs of keeping up a pet will exceed their expectations to the point where they cannot afford to keep them. Also being unable to train them correctly can result in misbehaviour by our dogs which can cause traumatic events such as biting which can be a danger to any owner.

One of the biggest reasons that dogs are being put into shelters, however, is puppy farms.

selective focus photography of short-coated brown puppy facing right side

What is puppy farming?

A puppy farm is where multiple dogs are continually bred, and the puppies sold. Breeders only see these puppies as pure profit and don’t care about their welfare. These dogs are born and kept in small spaces and poor conditions. This can generally lead to poor health conditions and in turn become fatal to the puppies. Sadly, many of these puppies can lead heartache for the unwitting owners who take them on.

It may seem easy to distinguish a puppy farm to a normal breeder many first-time dog owner fall into this trap due to schemes and designs created to trick you. Many of these farmers create a false family setting by using a separate house, from where they’re bred, as well as a different dog from the mother to make sure that the setting looks as welcoming and loving as possible.

Although they’re bred for their popularity many of these dogs don’t get purchased. This is no good to these farmers and many of them are left to fend for themselves.

What happens to dogs when they’re in kennels?

When dogs enter a shelter such as the Dogs trust they are well looked after and brought back to strength. They’re being kept in kennels and are given time to play and walk in, so they are kept happy. Although they are well kept by shelter sadly with dog’s constantly coming in to be looked after they cannot be kept forever. Each day, around 21 dogs are put down because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes. Act as a publicist for your local shelter so pets can find homes.

To help avoid so many dogs being put down we and the Dog’s trust urge you to adopt instead of the shop when looking to get a new dog. Many of the dog’s in shelters are good loving pup’s that are looking for a new family to love and be loved by. As well as reducing the number of dogs an in a shelter, you will also be taking power away from puppy farmers and therefore helping the whole of dog kind as well as the one you will be adopting!

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By Raised By Humans