Why Is It Good For A Dog To Have A Dog Bed?

So while every dog is undoubtedly different, they do all have one thing in common; they deserve the best night’s sleep possible. Take a look at our range of beds today and get in touch to find out more.

Give the dog a bed

Every dog is different and the list of essential items that they’ll require is subjective to each owner’s taste. We, for example, think the following list of necessities seems reasonable:

  1. A fancy Christmas jumper for seasonal parties.
  2. A bottle of canine-friendly prosecco chilling in the fridge at all times in case of celebration (to toast your pooch’s graduation from the ‘how to poop in the garden instead of on the kitchen floor academy’, for example).
  3. A head massager to help combat the stress of continuously saving their family from the ‘metal noise monster’ (…hoover).

While this list might not reflect your personal preferences, there is one item that every good boy/girl undoubtedly deserves; a top of the line dog bed to snuggle into at the end of the day.

Benefits of a dog bed

There are numerous benefits to providing your pet with a good quality dog bed.

Good night’s sleep – Dog beds help your furry friends to avoid the sleep disruption that snoozing on a hard floor or mat may bring. Just like their human counterparts, dogs need a decent night’s sleep to stop themselves feeling irritable. Poor sleep can also start to affect their health, just like us humans. A well-rested dog means a happy dog and a happy dog means a happy owner.

Postural support – Despite their robust physiques, many dogs are sensitive sleepers and can face great discomfort if resting on the wrong surface. By providing your pet with a cushioned bed, you will be enabling plenty of postural support and comfort that they need after a long hard day of chasing ducks or barking at their own reflections (it’s a hard life).

Maintaining home furnishings –That sofa that set you back enough money to buy a small plane might be your home’s pride and joy, but to your dog, it’s the perfect napping spot, once the cushions have been rearranged/thrown on the floor of course! Giving your pet a dog bed will encourage them to rest in their own tailor-made space rather than on your furniture. By minimising damage to your home, you’ll be able to keep things looking fresh and save money on reupholstering.

Safe space – Most dogs sleep for 12 hours+ a day, so providing them with a safe space to do so is imperative. Like many animals, dogs can be quite territorial and it’s important to provide them with a space that is 100% comfortable and 100% theirs.


Are dog beds cost-effective?

Absolutely! With a healthy dose of TLC, your dog bed should last you for 10 years or longer, thanks to robust designs and super soft pillowing. Most beds come with an easy clean cover made from synthetic fabric (to help avoid any skin irritation for allergy prone pooches), which means that cleaning your dog bed is hassle and cost free.

What style should you go for?

This all depends on your interior design and your dog’s sleeping preference. Raised by Humans offers dog beds in both ‘doughnut’ and mattress form. The innovative doughnut design features a fluffy pillow centre and raised cushioned rim to allow maximum head lolling while your pooch is lazing, but also has practical advantages in that it minimises draughts and keeps your pup warmer.

The bold mattress design allows your dog to emulate its owner with a smaller version of a traditional bed topper. Easy to clamber on to and offering optimum comfort and support, this is a design that will suit any sleeper, including older dogs and those who find climbing into a bed difficult.

When it comes to personal style, pick something that suits your décor. If your home has a traditional country house feel, then opting for a neutral colour palette might be best – think slate grey or copper. If your home has a slightly more modern edge or eclectic interior style, why not opt for bright colours and graphic patterns? Our metric beds feature bespoke and visually arresting patterns that will ensure your dog snoozes in style!

So while every dog is undoubtedly different, they do all have one thing in common; they deserve the best night’s sleep possible. Take a look at our range of beds today and get in touch to find out more.

By Raised By Humans