Why are dog beds better for dogs than the sofa or bed?

It might be tempting to let your pup up onto the sofa to cuddle up next to you, or even snuggle under the duvet with you in bed. However, before you pat the pillow next to you and let your dog jump up and join you, there’s a few things you should consider. Here’s our quick guide to why your pup should have their own space to snooze in, and why it could mean you both get a great night’s sleep!

Restless Pup Syndrome…

If you thought your partner was a ‘wriggler’ in bed, trust us, your human partner’s got nothing on your canine friend! Dogs rarely stay in one position, and can toss, turn, or even go for a run in their sleep. Getting kicked in the back as your hound chases squirrels in their dreams is not the best way to get a restful night’s sleep. That in turn can wake your dog, meaning you’re both a little sleep deprived and cranky the next morning.


Even if you’re not allergic to your dog, they all carry allergens that can set off a reaction, from pollen and dust to things that are a little less welcome in the house. Choosing a dog bed from Raised by Humans means you can wash it regularly and keep those allergens to a minimum.


Accidents happen, and while a little mishap might be easy enough to clean off a hardwood or tiled floor, it’s a lot more unpleasant if it happens in your bed or on your sofa! A bed can be easily cleaned in the washing machine or by using a steam cleaner, whereas a mattress is a different matter.

Don’t forget that dog faeces can also carry some pretty nasty pathogens, so even if you think you’ve got every last trace or urine or poop out of the blankets, there can still be some very unpleasant bacteria in there that could potentially make you very ill.

It’s not the dog’s fault, especially if they’re still young and not quite house trained yet. So rather than risking an unpleasant 3am bed changing exercise, give them their own space downstairs with plenty of newspaper and an easy-to-clean floor.

raised by humans designer dog bed

Get off the sofa, Rex!

Have you ever wondered why some dog owners are so strict about letting their pups up on the furniture? There are several very good reasons for giving your dog somewhere other than on the couch to curl up and snooze, as comfortable as your brand new sofa may be.

Firstly, have you ever tried to get pet hairs out of a fabric-covered piece of furniture? No matter how good vacuum cleaners with ‘pet hair attachments’ say they are, it’s almost impossible to get every hair out of the covers, even if you put them through the washing machine. That’s particularly true of short-hair breeds, whose smaller hairs can work their way deep into the knap of the cloth and be almost impossible to get out.

Then, unfortunately, there’s that ‘doggy’ smell your cushions could end up acquiring if you let your pup sit on the couch all the time. Using a lot of fabric freshener sprays isn’t the answer, either, as they can irritate your pet’s skin. Again, by giving them their own place to sleep and sit, such as a comfy doughnut bed from Raised by Humans, you can keep their bedding fresh and clean far more easily, eliminating any unpleasant smells quickly and with a simple 40° wash cycle.

Dogs like their own space

No matter how cuddly your canine is, dogs are just like us in that they like having their own space where they can stretch out in comfort and without being disturbed. Their very own bed is their ‘special spot’, where they feel safe, warm and secure. Having their own bed is a good way to maintain your dog’s well-being by making them feel relaxed and comfortable, without imposing on your personal space!

Raised by Humans – giving your dog their own special space

At Raised by Humans, we’ve put together a selection of top quality dog beds that not only look amazing, but are specifically designed to give your pup maximum comfort and security while they snooze. Raised sides cut out the problem of draughts, which can be particularly unpleasant for older dogs, while the cosy doughnut shape is ideal for dogs that like to curl up for a good long nap. They also come in a wide variety of sizes for all breeds of dogs, from chihuahuas to great Danes.  The covers can be removed and popped in the washing machine for easy cleaning. What more could you or your pup ask for?

By Raised By Humans