Where to let your dog sleep in your home

When your dog first moves into its new home, choosing where it sleeps can be one of the tougher decisions you will make. Establishing a routine early on is important, if you don’t, you run the risk of difficulties later on in your dog’s life. Each dog owner will tell you somewhere different, so it mostly comes down to you and your furry friend.

Our guide is going to advise you on the best places in your home to ensure your new friend is fully settled in and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Your Bedroom

Some dogs do feel more comfortable in your company, whereas others want independence. Dogs breeds like Beagles, Greyhounds and Akitas are known for enjoying their independence. Springs spaniels, Labradors and Boston Terriers, on the other hand, will crave your attention. Particularly in the early days, your dog will likely feel more at ease when they’re with you. Adapting to a new home can be difficult, and you are the friendly face they will come to love.

Not all dog owners will want their pooch to share their room, and that’s fine. If, however, you are comfortable having your dog with you then they can be a great cuddle buddy on a cold night!

They may want to sleep on your actual bed, but you’ll find with most dogs they do like their own space. Having a dog bed in the corner can provide them with a safe place to sleep, but also ensure they feel comfortable knowing you are not far away. Dogs are sociable animals, so this is important for them.

The Kitchen

Some dog owners do choose to keep their dogs in the kitchen (with food and breakable items out of harm’s way) while they are out of the house. So some dogs will see this place as their home from home and will feel comfortable sleeping here.

This probably isn’t the most desirable place for your pooch to sleep though, as unfortunate accidents can happen when your back is turned. You may wake up to a bin that’s been raided, or to find out your lunch has done a disappearing act. There may be more suitable places in your home to consider first. But if your dog feels comfortable here, it is always an option.

The Living Room

Dogs love the living room because that’s where the sofa is! You can train it out of them, but they will take a liking to your lovely leather sofa, because it’s comfy. There’s also the risk of them knocking over ornaments and chewing on your leather sofa.

It is likely in the night they will move between sofa and bed as dogs can be restless sleepers. If you don’t want their hair getting all over your chair, then the living room probably isn’t the best place to put their bed.

Crate Training

Crate training is one of the most popular sleep training methods amongst dog owners. It may seem cruel, but actually, it creates a safe space for your dog that they can make their own.

Crate training is as it sounds, buying your dog a crate or cage and keeping their bed and all their possessions in there.  This is where they will feel safe, and is also somewhere you can leave them while you are out of the house so they don’t cause havoc while you’re gone. Crates can be kept in any room in the house, but most dog owners keep them in the kitchen or dining room where there is more excess space. Keeping them in a cool room will also ensure your dog has maximum comfort.

How can you help your dog sleep in their bed?

Particularly in the early days, your dog may struggle to get that precious shut-eye as they can become stressed and alert in their new surroundings. That’s why Bedding your dog in is important. Thankfully, there are some simple ways you can encourage them to sleep in their own bed rather than yours.

  • Getting them used to the bed command – Pointing at their bed and issuing the bed command will help them to get used to this being their area. Once they are there, give them a treat and they will be far more likely to return in the future.

  • Create familiar surroundings – Allow them to become familiar with their surroundings, adding their toys to their bed, and playing with them in this area.

  • Leave the door open – Yes, your dog may leave the room regularly, but locking them in is only going to make them want to leave more regularly. Eventually, you will be able to shut the door because they will feel safe and won’t cry out for you.

  • Maybe some soothing music? – There is music available that helps your dog to sleep and is soothing to their ears. Yes, dogs like music too!

When it comes to choosing where your dog sleeps, there are pros and cons to every room. The good news is, choosing the bed they sleep on is easy. If you are on the lookout for a new dog bed, feel free to contact us at Raised by Humans and we will be happy to help you.

By Raised By Humans