What’s the most intelligent dog breed?

Sad news alert, Chaser, once dubbed the smartest dog on the planet has passed away. She was made famous for her ability to learn and remember around 1000 different toys showing that she could understand human language to an amazing degree.

This came from a lot of training from her owner Dr. John Pilley, a retired psychology professor. He saw chaser’s potential when she was only a pup. He felt she would be a great experiment to find out how much dogs can really understand and learn.

Labelling toys allowed her to understand that each individual word we speak has its own meaning. Chaser already had a head start in this though as Border collies are renowned for their intelligence due to how they have been bred over many years in order to help farmers herd sheep using a variation of commands whilst in the field.

A dog’s intelligence is first evaluated by their breed. As a lot of dogs are bred for a specific purpose, some breeds are smarter than others. This is because some are for working purposes such as herding sheep, being guard dogs or sniffer dogs. Others are bred for companionship and can be seen more as a lovable but dopey breed. This research has shown that there’s a tendency among dog breeds that the larger the breed the smarter the dog- bigger brain smarter dog.


There’s the cockapoo, the labradoodle and toy poodles, you name a breed and it’s probably been crossed with a poodle. Their cuteness and ever so loving personalities can make you forget just how smart they are. Originally bred in France to be retrievers, the poodle is an easy dog to house train but also to teach tricks and behavioural standards. The poodle is an all-round amazing Dog and is hypoallergenic, making them ideal for families that might otherwise struggle.


There’s a reason these are one of the most popular breeds in the UK. These gentle, compassionate but playful dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds to date and one of the few breeds we trust with our sight. As they are always wanting to please their pack leader, they are more than happy to put in work and training to do so. This is seen through the variety of tasks they can complete when trained.

German Shepherd

They’re well known for making excellent guard dogs. It’s hard to argue that German shepherds aren’t an intelligent breed. Bred as all-purpose workers they’re great in specialised fields of work and are amazingly loyal. Despite having such jobs, they’re also great for families with their loyalty and their love for their owners.


Papillons are one of the only small breeds to be renowned for their intelligence. As small dogs are normally bred from bigger dogs, they usually have a reduction in many qualities in line with their size. This, in fact, has been proven in a study of over 1,888 dogs. This is the exception though, this cute lap dog is one of the best performers in agility tracks and trails in competitions. They’re able to manoeuvre quickly through tracks and take commands from owners.


Ever since Ancient Roman Times, the Rottweiler has been thought to be an intelligent breed. Coming from Drover dogs, these have been bred and trained to both herd and guard cattle and other livestock. Through the years this mentality has never changed and to this day they show the same traits as they’re still great working dogs in fields such as the military, herding and in police work. They show great loyalty and intelligence to their owners but also can express great love and affection.

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By Raised By Humans