What to consider when choosing a kennel for your dog

Have you been wondering what you should look for when trying to find a kennel for your pooch? We're here to help you find your answer.

Whether you’re wanting to go on holiday or have got a business trip taking you away for a couple of days, we can’t just leave our dogs home alone. Sadly we can’t always ask a friend to dog sit and leaving your dogs behind can cause a lot of stress, both for you and your dog. When you can’t find a sitter you want to send your dog to the best boarding kennel possible.

There are many different aspects and credentials to take into consideration when selecting kennels and can usually leave us confused and worried when we do leave them. Here we have listed the main things that you should take into consideration when looking for your next boarding kennel.

How to find a Kennels near you

When looking for the great kennels in your area, the best way to find out is to ask your vet. With their experience and love for all things animals and pets they will be able to direct you to the best available boarding kennels. It is also a great idea to ask other dog walkers whilst out in your local park. If you are unsure about asking other people then there is the website specifically made for boarding kennels.

Should the kennels be licence?

Yes, if the kennels are the primary business of the kennels then a licence is required under the Animal Boarding act of 1963. If however, you are leaving them with a vet then a licence isn’t required however you should take extra care when investigating the kennels. A licence implements that kennels are up to the national standard and have regular inspections to keep these standards high.

Should I inspect the kennels myself?

Yous should always ask for a tour of the kennels, it is important to check that the kennels are up to the standards of the licence as well as your own for your dog. There are a few things you should look for when inspecting the kennels. When walking through the kennel you shouldn’t be able to notice any foul odours, the kennels and outdoor area should be clean and sanitised so to reduce the risk of spreading diseases.  The animals in the kennel already should look happy and stressfree, with ample bedding and water in their kennels.

What kind of questions should I ask?

You should also ask about the staff that will be looking after the kennel. Find out how many members of staff are working at the kennels at any one time. There should be a ratio of 1:10 staff to dog ratio to allow a great amount of care and attention for your dog. If there is more staff then this then it is a good sign that your dog will get more 1 to 1 attention and help keep your dog at ease and happy.

You should also question them on their knowledge of the current occupants, this will show how attentive they are when looking after the dogs in the kennel.

It’s important to find out how much time they have outside of their kennel, how often they go on walks as well as play time. You should also find out how they react in case of incidents, whether a dog won’t eat, needs a toenail cutting or becomes ill and needs medical attention.

What sort of exercise routines should I look for?

It is important to find out how much fresh air and exercise your dog will receive in a given day. For dogs that require a lot of exercises such as Greyhounds and Golden Retrievers they should be given a long walk at least once a day. You should also find out whether during playtime if they have toys to play with or do owners have to bring their own. If you’re nervous about other dogs sharing your dog’s toys make sure to make your concerns known to the staff s they can help.

Should I have my dog vaccinated before leaving them?

As there will be numerous dogs staying in the kennels at one time it can become easy for diseases to spread around between dogs. In order to help prevent this it is important to have your dog up to date with their vaccinations. To make sure you’re up to date make sure to contact your vet and find out.

What if my pet has separation anxiety?

For adopted and young pets, separation anxiety can be a common issue for dog owners. If your dog suffers from this then you have to make sure that the kennel is able to give special attention to your dog. If it doesn’t state their protocol for socially anxious dogs on their website make sure to ask and let it be known that your dog suffers from this. It is normal for staff to spend extra time with these dogs so they are integrated into the kennels a lot easier and not to cause too much stress for your dog.

The most important thing to consider when touring a kennel is how the place makes you feel. If you believe there is something not right for you and your dog. Or the staff don’t make you feel comfortable about leaving your dog there then it is likely your dog will feel the same. Although no kennel will feel like home for your dog it is best to find the one that is closest to it. This allows your dog to have an easy transition and reduce the amount of stress your dog will go through.

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