What Dog Beds Are Best For Medium Dogs?

When you think the world of your dog, you want to make sure you give them the bed they deserve. If you’ve got a medium-sized dog, they’ll need a solution that suits them down to the ground. But how do you know what to look for, and whether it’ll work for them?

Well, the truth is that there’s a lot to consider, and picking the perfect dog bed for your medium-sized dog takes careful planning. Luckily for you, we’re here to show you exactly what to look out for. So, here’s the recipe for finding the best dog bed for your medium-sized, four-legged friend.

First things first…

Size matters, and it should be at the top of the list when it comes to picking a bed. As well as providing comfort, having the right size bed also ensures they get the right support for their joints, no matter what position they’re in.

You’ll need to choose a bed that’s big enough to accommodate your dog comfortably if it wants to stretch out, even if you think your pooch prefers to curl up most of the time. It’s also important to make sure they can move around without feeling constrained or restricted. If in doubt, go up a size, not down.

Memory foam is a must

Once you’ve decided on a size, it’s time to think about the filling. This is also another crucial factor in making sure your dog gets the maximum support (and comfort) from their bed.

You should be looking for good quality memory foam because it helps to support your dog’s joints. It does this by moulding to the individual shape of their body, while also ensuring they can’t feel the floor through the bed. It’s particularly important if you have a heavy dog, or a breed prone to orthopaedic problems (such as dysplasia of the hips or elbow).

As an added bonus, memory foam is a great insulator, so your pooch won’t have any trouble getting cosy.

Labrador on luxury dog bed

Make sure it’s durable

Chances are your dog’s going to get a lot of use out of their bed, so it’s well worth investing in durable materials that will last and last. Remember, medium-sized dogs tend to be heavier than small breeds, so their bed will need to handle that additional weight.

Be sure to keep an eye out for dog beds with hardwearing covers made from tough fibres, which will be capable of handling daily wear and tear. Tight-weave structures are an excellent option, as is heavy stitching. All this adds up to a bed that won’t snag, tear apart, or wear out fast. If your dog is prone to chewing their bed, heavy-duty fibres are more resistant. A waterproof lining will also protect the memory foam from mud, wet coats, or any little accidents.

Washable fabrics make life easier

They may only be medium-sized dogs, but we all know they can make a big mess, particularly if they’re prone to getting muddy. Taking the time to pick the right bed means you can make sure it’s nice and easy to look after.

With this in mind, washability is key. Machine-washable covers are the simplest way to ensure their bed stays clean and fresh with minimal effort. You could even think about going a step further and choosing covers that can be washed at really high temperatures. That way, you won’t have any trouble eliminating those damp dog smells or marks from dirty paws.

Cute puppy in washing machine

This one ticks all the boxes…

Here at Raised by Humans, we’re proud to cater to dogs of all sizes, including your medium-sized pooch. We’ve created a selection of designer dog beds and mattresses featuring everything your companion needs, and they’ll look beautiful in your home, too.

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By Raised By Humans