What are the coolest dog beds?

Whether you’re lording it in a manor house or ultra-trendy in a loft apartment, your dog bed should fit in with your environment, as well as offering your pup a safe and cosy place to snooze.

Dog beds don’t have to be an old blanket in the corner of the room. They can be cool, fun, funky, and fabulous, perfect for pampered pets and owners who want something that’ll look good and fit in with the décor too. Whether you are lording it in a manor house or you are ultra-trendy in a loft apartment, your dog bed should fit in with your environment, as well as offer your pup a safe and cosy place to snooze.

So here’s a look at what kind of cool dog beds are on offer, including some smart ideas to make your pup more comfortable:

Smart designs and cool fabrics

Dog beds don’t have to be high tech to be cool – sometimes all it takes is a little bit of imagination and a dash of colour and style to make a dog bed look great. There are almost as many choices for materials and designs for dog beds as there are for sofas, only scaled down a little bit to suit your dog.

Whether you love the elegance of country houses and 18th-century Baroque furniture or trendy contemporary décor, geometric patterns work a treat.

Great Dane sitting on Luxury dog bed

Memory foam is perfect for pets

Memory foam isn’t just good for us humans, it’s great for pets too. It moulds to the shape of your dog, giving them a better position and more restful sleep. They also tend to last longer than standard dense foam. Pair a memory foam mattress up with an anti-chew cover and your bed should provide your dog with years of comfort.

What shape?

It’s all down to personal preference, If you want something to sit in the corner of a room then a mattress dog bed will fit perfectly. A doughnut dog bed is ideal for a cosy corner or next to your sofa so your dog can be part of the family without feeling exposed or vulnerable.

Chew resistant – something for your pup to get their teeth into

Let’s face it, sometimes our canine friends can get a bit…chewy! If your dog loves to get their teeth into things, their bed is often one of the first things to get chomped. Fortunately, our dog bed range offer chew resistant beds made of durable material, which should be strong enough to resist even a determined chewer.

Pug on a luxury dog bed

Water resistant beds to avoid those little accidents

As dogs get older, their bladders can become a little weak and inevitably they’ll have the occasional accident. Equally, nervous or excitable dogs can react in the same way, and it’s time to fire up the washing machine again! Make life easier (and dryer) for both you and your pet with water-resistant linings to prevent any accidents from soaking through the washable covers and into the mattress underneath.

Insect repellent – block those bugs

Dog beds can be home to not just your pet, but their ‘pets’ too! Our mattress dog beds come with removable and washable covers so that you can get rid of any unwanted guests like fleas. However, a good addition is an insect ‘shield’ blanket or mattress cover specially impregnated with safe chemicals that won’t harm your dog, but will make the bed decidedly uncomfortable for fleas, ticks and bugs.

As much as we love our dogs, buying a dog bed is not just for our pets. It’s about buying something you actually want in your home. Dog beds should look so good that you will want to get rid of your sofa, they also don’t want fall apart though when faced with the realities of living with your four-legged family. Shop the full range of cool dog beds here.

By Raised By Humans