What are the best dog beds?

Picking the right bed for your pooch is an important decision to make. We all know that they would far prefer to kip down on our beds next to us, but having their own space is important for their development.

Before making your decision, you will need to consider your dog’s needs. You’ll need to think about their size, age, health and how they like to sleep. Of course, you also have to factor in your own personal budget and ensure that the bed fits with the décor in your home.

Your dog’s size matters

The most important decision comes down to the size of the bed, ensuring it actually fits your dog. If you have a small dog, they won’t need a large dog bed, but if you have a larger dog, you need to make sure you pick one that fits.

Watch how they sleep for the first weeks and measure them. Ensure to measure their neck, back and chest with a tape measure to get the correct measurements. This ensures when you buy their bed, it’s the right size for them. Try and make sure the bed is around 10-14 inches larger than your dog, so they have plenty of space to stretch out after a hard day’s ball chasing.

Pick the right material

Does your pooch love ripping and chewing things to bits? Then you may want to consider a sturdier material to ensure their bed isn’t their next victim. Picking a durable material also means it will last longer and won’t get damaged as easily.

Water-resistant beds are also great if your four-legged friend is prone to the odd accident whilst they sleep. This makes for easy cleaning, and any accidents or liquid will dry up quickly.

There are also some dog beds with removable and washable covers. This prevents dirt from gathering over time and the need to replace the bed.

Do your dogs have any special needs?

As your dog gets older, they may need a bed that helps to support their joints when they rise. Our dog beds contain high-quality crumb foam which supports your dogs’ joints and provides good circulation. It also moulds to their shape when they sleep, easing their pain and providing them additional comfort while they rest.

Make the design match your décor

There’s nothing worse than a dog bed that doesn’t match with the aesthetics in your home. Designer dog beds often come with patterns and bolder colours that will improve any room. As dogs are colour blind, you can make a real statement whilst your dog lies there completely unaware of how bold their bed is.

You’ll also want to pick a colour scheme that won’t show dirt easily. If your dog loves rolling around in the mud, then a white or cream bed may not be the choice to go for. Bright, vibrant and darker colours will keep the mud concealed and are easy to keep clean.

Your dog comes first

Here at Raised by Humans, we can provide you with designer dog beds for pooches of all shapes and sizes. Our dog beds have all the features your furry friend will need, with bold and fresh designs to make your home stand out from the rest.

By Raised By Humans