Top Ways to Spoil your Dog

Our dogs are our best friends, loyal companions, our family members on four legs. They are always there to cheer us up when we’re down, replenish our energy when we come back from a long day from work or cuddle up to us for those cosy nights in.

Our dogs would do anything for us as we would for them and it’s because of this love and affection that occasionally, they deserve a special treat to return the love they give us every day. This can be done through big events and gifts or it could be done with small personal tokens of affection. For this, we’ve given you a few examples of how you can treat your special friends.

Slap-up meal

A healthy diet is essential to your dog’s health and everyday nutrition can be achieved through the standard dog foods available. However, just like when we like to go to a nice restaurant to treat ourselves to a nicely done meal we can treat our dogs to the same standards. Cooking up a meal from scratch using butcher cut meats and fresh vegetables can make your dog’s week. To make it extra special you could have the same meal together and enjoy dinner as a family.

Bake some treats

Dog treats literally scream the word for you. They’re used to help train your dogs, reward them for being good or just when we’re feeling a little generous at the time. Their mood normally picks up when they get one and there’s no wonder why as we’re the same when we buy chocolate bar as a treat to ourselves. For an extra special treat, you can bake your own treats for them, using flavours and ingredients they are known to like it’s a great way to personalise their treats.

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Take them to the pet store and let them pick a toy

If you’re heading to the pet store for some dog food or other supplies, why not bring your dog with you. What may seem like a mundane chore for you is a chance to explore for them. Full of new sights and sounds will get them excited with the ability to socialise with others. When there, you’ll benefit by finding out what food may take their interest and may lead to a new favourite treat or standard food. For the cherry on top of the cake, you could treat them to a new toy. Allowing them to find their new toy gives them excitement and will be more than happy when you get to take it home to play.

New collar or clothing

With the autumn weather taking a turn and winter drawing in, it might be the perfect time to buy your dogs a brand-new coat or jacket. Keeping them warm over these cold months is essential for your walks, especially for short-haired dogs. Finding a nice stylish jacket would be a great treat for your dog and with any luck you could be matching on those morning walks.

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New look or trim

On the way of looking stylish, giving your pooch a makeover can release some new life.  Whether it’s a deep wash and blow dry after some muddy walks or it’s a sharp haircut for the coming summer a mini spa day can help make your dog feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Doggo massage

It can be stressful chasing your own tail and digging in the garden sometimes and nothing is more soothing than a nice massage accompanied with soothing tranquil music. The ability to have all your problems and stress released through a good massage can mean the world and leave you feeling refreshed. The same goes for your dog. If you can have them laying still for long enough a great way to pamper your pooch is with a massage.

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Dog playdate

If you’re in a single dog household it can be very isolating for your dogs. This is because dogs are pack animals and although you are part of their new pack it is important to have social interactions with other dogs from time to time. A great way to do this is with a playdate, having dogs come round to a house to play or go for a group walk in the park is a great way for your dog to socialise with others and have an exciting change from their routine.

Trip to the beach

Similarly to taking your dog to the store a change of environment is always a treat for your dog. Having a totally new place full of different sights, sounds and smells is a great place for your dog to explore. With so much open space it’s a great place to throw toys and let your dogs spread their legs and run wild.

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Our final idea for spoiling your dog is with a brand-new bed. Having a new bed to snuggle into on these cold nights is a great way to make your dog happy. With the Raised by Human beds, your dog can sleep in pure comfort, with our donut beds they have an outer ring that can work as the perfect pillow for your pooch and our larger bed give them enough room to lounge all over their bed. All our dog beds are available in different sizes to suit your dog’s needs.

By Raised By Humans