Top 5 Ways to Bond with your Dog

Nothing compares to the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you welcome a dog to the family. The relationship you develop is a centuries-old bond that's impossible to break. You've read the stories of dogs that have travelled hundreds of miles to be reunited with their human counterparts.

So how do humans create that bond with their pup? We’re going to take you through some tips and tricks you can use to produce that special relationship.

1. Give your pup lots of attention

There is nothing a dog loves more than your love and attention. They can tell when they’re your primary focus, just like humans. So instead of focusing on the telly and giving your dogs side a scratch, make sure they are at the centre of your focus.

Attention is an important factor in creating that perfect bond with your pooch. Belly rubs, chin tickles and head scratches are your pets favourite moments. Maintaining eye contact also creates a bond of trust. Spend time with them in their dog bed and show them the love they crave.

What’s good for you is usually good for them. Groom them, take them for a long walk or head out into the garden to play fetch. Give your dog the attention they deserve and they’ll never leave your side.

2. Make sure you communicate

Just like with humans, clear and concise communication is key. Stay consistent with your training signals. Use the same words and the same hand gestures so your dog understands what you are trying to communicate.

Dogs react better to visual signals rather than verbal signals. So, try and use hand gestures where you can so your pup knows what you are trying to say. Your pup will be following your actions, so take every opportunity to train them!

3. Get training

Training is one of the most important stages of a puppy’s life, this is where they learn and become obedient. Training needs to be daily, particularly in the early days when bad habits are more likely to form. Your dog will only be a puppy once so make the most of this golden opportunity to bond.

Always have a treat on hand to reward good work. If your puppy learns that good behaviour results in treats, they’re more likely to repeat the action.

Basic obedience exercises on your daily walk and basic tricks will have positive outcomes for you and your pup. Again, make sure to take some treats out on the walk with you to reward their good work.

4. Get to know your dog’s personality

Just like humans, each dog has its own personality. Some dogs will want your undivided attention, whereas others will appreciate their own space from time to time.

During their training, you need to pay attention to what your dog does and doesn’t like. Take note of what affection they like, what games they enjoy and what their favourite toy is. Some might love a back and forth game of fetch, others may prefer a tug of war. Some will thrive with other dogs, whereas others may be solitary in nature.

Knowing the ins and outs of your dog’s personality is a great way to ensure the love is mutual.

5. Playtime is the best time to create a bond

Every dog’s favourite time of the day is walk and play time. It’s also a great way to keep your dog fit and healthy and develop a long-lasting bond with your pooch.

When you take them out for a walk, take them to the park and let them off their leash. Dogs love to run and love their freedom, so grab a ball and watch them take flight. Your dog will also learn to trust you and will be keeping tabs on your location when they’re off their leash.

These simple tricks are a great way for you to create that perfect and unique bond with your dog. If you give your dog the love they deserve, you will get it back tenfold.

By Raised By Humans

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