The World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds

When it comes to getting a new dog there are a wide range of prices you could be paying for the privilege. Prices can vary depending on whether it’s a boy or a girl and how old the dog is. However, the biggest price variant is the breed of the dog.

There are multiple variations of breeds and depending on how popular a breed is at the time, these prices can change year on year. An important factor that can affect the price of a dog is whether the dog is a pedigree or not.

The RSPCA defines a pedigree as:

“A pedigree dog is born from two dogs of the same breed, and is registered with a recognised club or society that maintain a register for dogs of that description.”

These dogs can range in price from a few hundred pounds to thousands and thousands. We have created a list of the most expensive dogs now around the world with the average value of a puppy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – £2300

Originally bred to keep the laps of their owners warm many years ago, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is now seen as one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the UK and USA. Their breeding has led to them having lavish long coats with a wide variation of colour combinations despite being a toy sized breed which has made them perfect for laying on your lap. These dogs are highly intelligent and affectionate which makes them amazing for any type of owner.

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Azawakh – £2,300+

Like the greyhound the Azawakh were bred as a hunting dog due to their incredible speed – they can reach up to 40mph. Tall and slim, they can grow up to 74cm tall and because of their muscle composition their bones will always show, even when well-fed. They are loyal dogs that need to be situated in homes due to their thin skin and lack of fat.

Yorkshire Terrier – £2700

These clever little terriers can pull up a big price tag. Known to rule the roost, they live up to the name of ‘Terrier’ as these small dogs can pack a loud punch. They are full of energy with a sense of adventure. They have a long straight glossy coat that can become high maintenance especially after winter walks.

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Dogo Argentino – £3,000

Born from a large mix of strong and working dog breeds they’ve been bred into one of the strongest and most agile breeds in the world. Despite this size and history, their loyalty to their owner allows them to show a lot of affection. Trained correctly they can be incredibly sociable animals. Identifiable by their shiny white coat, these dogs take very little grooming, however, they do require a lot of exercise both mentally and physically.

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French Mastiff – £3900

As part of the Mastiff family, the French Mastiffs, also known as ‘Dogue de Bordeaux’, are giant, strong and fierce. Despite their heritage, they’re loyal, loving and gentle with children. What makes this breed so expensive is the rarity of it due to being close to extinction back in the 20th century.

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Samoyed – £3,100- £7,600

These massive fluff balls are a great socialiser both with people and other dogs. Despite originally being used to help hunt reindeer these dogs have taken to a softer side like their fur. They’re a loud breed that both barks and sings. These dogs are full of energy and always have a willingness to play. Be careful though as with the magnificent coat they come in, they tend to malt and require a lot of maintenance for both your dog and the house to keep them clean.

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Akita – £3,500

Originally from Japan, these dogs were a symbol of health and wellbeing. They have a thick double coat that originates from their past, living in the cold northern mountains in Japan. They are highly protective of their owners with the size to match. They require early training and when trained correctly, are lovable and loyal friends.

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Canadian Eskimo Dog – £5500

Indigenous to Canada, the sled dog has been part of the Inuit culture for more than 2,000 years. They are full of energy due to their past of being work dogs, due to this they require a lot of training both mentally and physically. Like many larger dogs, as well as being loyal, they’re very affectionate to their owners.

Tibetan Mastiff – Very expensive

This is one of the oldest and largest breeds in the dog kingdom. This is the origin of the mastiff, Boxer and St. Bernard families which are all known for their size and strength. These have the largest coats of fur with a higher concentration around their head and neck to make a main. In 2013, a rare red Tibetan Mastiff sold in China for $1.9 million.

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