The Nation’s Favourite Movie Star Dogs

Sometimes in film, it's the dogs that take the spotlight over the famous actor or actress. Read on to find out more.

Although in many films and TV series we can be left in awe at performances done by great actors and actresses it sometimes isn’t always the human performances that we remember. In a changing world full of CGI it’s great to see that dogs are still making an appearance on set and in some cases stealing the show. It has even gone to the extreme of Uggie being considered for an Oscar nomination in 2011 for his performances although this wasn’t allowed. Here we have brought together some of our favourite characters we’d love to have as our pets

Beethoven- Beethoven

Named after the famous composer, this St. Bernard dog brings together the Newton family with his loving nature. But when a vet accuses Beethoven of being a vicious animal, the Newtons are divided about euthanizing him. In the end, the family goes to great lengths to rescue their beloved pet from harmful hands.

Fly – Babe

If there was ever an award for the best mom dog, Fly would be a shoe in for it. This Border Collie adopts Babe the pig as her own, teaching him how to herd sheep as a way to prove himself to farmer Arthur Hoggett. When Babe has a rough time, Fly encourages him to keep trying. Going against what her partner Rex thinks.

Dog – John Wick

John Wick’s unnamed pit bull was adopted at the end of the first movie and has become a staple of the franchise ever since. Not speaking a single word, but faithfully running by his owner’s side, John can always count on this pup to help him defeat everyone with a deadly agenda.

Samatha – I Am Legend

After a genetically altered virus destroys the world’s population, it’s up to veteran Robert Neville and his German Shepherd, Samantha, to find a cure, and restore humanity. Through the trials and errors, Sam stays by her master’s side keeping him company and defending him against Darkseekers.

Max – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Don’t let his appearance fool you, Max the dog is as loyal as they come. Throughout the Grinch’s mischievous adventures, the sweet dog serves as the story’s source of humour, always keeping an eye out for his master.

Scooby Doo – Scooby Doo

In 1969, the Mystery Machine made its debut with four teenagers and one Great Dane in it. Although Scooby-Doo can’t speak, his gang of mystery solvers have no trouble communicating with him, especially his best friend Shaggy.

Lassie – Lassie

This beloved Collie became the poster child for loyal pets after appearing in the hit film Lassie Come Home back in 1943, based on an original short story. Lassie, with her intelligent eyes and beautiful coat, continued to save the day, starring in nine films and a subsequent TV series. It’s no surprise she became a true American icon featured in toys, comic books, and more for years after.

Baxter- Anchorman

Baxter endured a lot in his role as the trusty sidekick of Ron Burgundy. He worked the matching P.J.s and headgear, ate an entire wheel of cheese, and even saved the news team from a bear attack.

Dug – UP

If every owner had a high-tech collar that translated their dog’s every passing thought, they’d probably hear many of the same lines that come from Dug in Disney Pixar’s Up. The animated pooch became a trusty companion for Carl and Russell in the movie. He also touched everyone’s heart with his memorable line, “I just met you, and I love you.”

Marley – Marley & Me

Okay, this pup is certainly a handful, but who could resist such a furry little bundle of joy? The movie, based on a best-selling book, follows one family’s journey with man’s best friend, from adoption to house training to failed attempts at obedience school and beyond — reminding us that all the mischief is totally worth it in the end.

Shadow- Homeward Bound

The clumsy voiceovers are quickly forgiven in this 1993 adventure film thanks to the adorable personalities of the pets. While Sassy and Chance are great for comic relief, Shadow is the true star and good boy, keeping the others on the path leading them back to their humans, even when they hit roadblocks.

Bruiser- Legally Blonde

Despite all the glitz and glamour that Elle Woods bestows upon Bruiser, he’s a perfectly low-maintenance dog. The adorable Chihuahua has no qualms about getting dressed up in pink ensembles, is there for his master as she weeps over the loss of Warner, and is key in helping her make friends at law school. Plus, according to Elle, the pair are both Gemini vegetarians.

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By Raised By Humans