The most unusual dog beds of all time

Some are silly, some are cute, and others are just plain strange. We’ll let you be the judge of what’s great and what’s, well, ‘questionable’! One thing’s for sure: weird and wonderful dog beds aren’t to everyone’s taste. Be sure to stick around until the end of the list to see one that will never go out of style.

The hot dog

If you’re after something subtle for your four-legged friend, we’re telling you now that this isn’t the option for you! Let’s just say that this ‘meaty’ dog bed won’t match everyone’s décor – although the kitchen could just be the perfect spot for it.

That said, hotdog beds can be a bit of a novelty if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. They’re bright, colourful and usually come with generous cushioning for your pet to snuggle up in. This kind of bed is usually best suited to small dogs – and if you’ve got a sausage dog, then how could you possibly resist?

Pet sofas

Is your dog always stealing your spot on the sofa? Well, getting them their very own settee could be the answers to your problem. Just like human versions, most of them come with bolstered edges (which actually come in handy to keep puppies from falling off) and plenty of cushioning. The frames are covered with different materials like faux fur and faux leather.

Just bear in mind that if you order one online, it’s likely that you’ll have to assemble your pet sofa yourself.  And don’t forget to check the dimensions – they may not be suitable for large dogs.

Pet Tepee Bed

Okay, so we think this one is actually pretty cool. We all know that dogs like a little peace and quiet from time to time, especially if they live in a hectic household, so this could make a nice hideout when they want some alone time. Inside, there’s a cushion for them to relax on (it can be removable), while the raised sides will make them feel safe and secure. You might find that your own kids will try and climb in, too.

The Shark

Another weird (but kind of wonderful…) creation, this is a dog bed with real ‘bite’. Whenever they’re ready for a lie down, your dog can simply climb into the shark’s mouth for a rest. So this could be a good choice for owners with a sense of humour.

Miniature beds

There are loads of dog beds out there that are shaped like actual human beds. No, they’re not the same size – they’re much smaller, but they do look like the real deal. Again, they’re usually for smaller dogs only. Lots are made with real wooden frames, including proper headboards, and have a padded cushion for a mattress.

Giant Croc

Believe it or not, someone has actually created a dog bed in the shape of a Croc. And no, we don’t mean the animal. Quite simply, it’s a big version of a Croc shoe – you know, those lightweight sandal-type shoes. And just like the human version, this dog bed comes in a wide choice of colours. If you already have a pair, perhaps you could get a dog bed to match. Or…not…

Colour Rich

If you don’t want to compromise on design of convenience, then this list of unusual dog beds won’t tick your boxes. Instead, you should choose something that is striking but not over the top or a gimmick.

The range of comfortable and colourful dog beds brought to you by Raised by Humans could be just the ticket. Whether you go for the mattress or doughnut, it’s a simple way to keep your pooch nice and comfy – and you can pick a size that suits your pet. The contemporary chevron designed will provide the perfect finishing touch to any room, so your pet has both comfort and style (which, if we’re honest, is probably better than having a giant Croc lying around!).

By Raised By Humans