The Highlights of Crufts 2020

Crufts has been and gone, we run through some of the highlights of the annual celebration of our beloved furry friends.

For years people all around the world have shown off their pets. Boasting their care regimes and their preparations for competitions in order to make their dog the fastest, strongest or look the best. But there is no dog show more prestigious than Crufts.

In 1891, the Crufts competition was first organised by a manager of a dog biscuit manufacturer. With his numerous contacts around the UK and the globe in the dog world, he was able to create an event made to show off the highest standards of dog training.

Nowadays the event has become far huger, with more competitors, businesses and supporters coming together to watch these dogs compete in exciting and prolific events. The purpose to find the best of the best in each breed. This year the competition has brought some amazing entertainment both riveting and adorable for all to enjoy.


In order to compete in Crufts, you have to have qualified the year previously. This can be through an associated Kennel Club event or show or from the previous Crufts. It allows only the best of the best to compete in the event making it more prestigious. The top prize from Crufts comes from the most traditional event at the festival.

Best in show and other judging competitions judge a dog by their appearance and their manner. Being well disciplined, well-bred and groomed is the way to win this event and the most prestigious ribbons. This is done in many stages being judged from multiple official judges at a time. This year the award was given to the Silvae Trademark, making them the first Dachshund to win the award.


The agility competition is one of the more exciting events where dogs of all shapes and sizes race around an obstacle course with their trainers. The dogs are guided around the course where they’ll have to jump, weave and manoeuvre through various obstacles in a time trial with the fastest ones going through to the next stages. This event can be exciting and humorous as this can also test the mentality and obedience of the dogs with many following their own rules and causing havoc around the course which causes the dog to receive penalties for any mistakes made.

Heel to music

Choreographing a dance routine for a group of dancers can be a challenge for some. Making sure the moves are in sync with the music and the timing of everyone is correct. When this is done with a dog this difficulty is intensified 100x over. In Heel to music trainers and their dogs create a dance routine to music of their choosing.

Showing their moves like this helps prove to judges how good their dance abilities are as well as the obedience levels their dogs can go through to make a complex routine be learnt as well as executed. With owners choosing the music there is a great range in dance and music styles chosen to help make each routine unique with many teams bringing in props and costumes to help stand out.

Here’s one of our favourites from this year’s competition:

Fly Ball

The Flyball is simply a relay race of pure speed. Teams of four compete against each other in a knockout style competition.  Each dog in the team must run and jump over a series of hurdles and then steps onto a box which has a ball waiting to be grabbed by the dog, they then return the ball whilst running over the same hurdles they started at, then the next dog must go and repeat the process. The team that completes the races the fastest the most times gets through to the next stage. This year brought out some of the quickest teams seen in the competition with team focus taking home gold.

Here some of the action this year:

Special mention

This year one particular dog stole the show. Kratu the rescue dog had the time of his life in the main arena. Back once again to tackle the agility course, Kratu was doing a splendid job getting around until he could hold his excitement no longer and burst into a fun filled rampage around the main stage. This was all found in good humour by everyone watching and luckily so as Kratu thought it would be good to keep a souvenir and tried to take a stick home with him.

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By Raised By Humans