The Best Dog Films

Over the years there have been many movies devoted to our loving best friends. Making us smile, laugh, amazed and even sad enough to cry.

These films offer us hope of coming home and our dogs will start talking back to us leading to great adventures. From Disney’s Lady and the Tramp creating the famous Spaghetti moment to the marvel of how dogs influence and help our lives in so many ways with “A Dog’s Purpose”, these films have the ability to hit home and treasure us with great moments and memories to share with others. Here we have listed our favourite films with our four-legged friends as the stars of the show.

Lady and the Tramp

One of the most popular and famous dog films of all time that’s set for a reboot, Lady and the Tramp is iconic. The spaghetti scene will live long in the memory of Disney fans and is one of the most famous scenes to come out of a Disney film. The 2019 reboot is a live-action film and follows the same storyline as the Disney original, you can watch the trailer below to find out what you can expect.

Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets shows how a group of New York pets live together when their owners are absent. Focusing on the comfortable life of Max, a spoiled terrier, who loves his owner but finds he must share his love as his owner adopts Duke. When out on a walk their lives take a ferocious turn as after a spat with alley cats, they wind up finding their way to the pound where everything starts to spiral out of control. This cartoon comedy is a great watch full of fun and laughs, whilst making you wonder what our pets really get up to when we’re at work.

8 Below

When a scientific expedition to the Antarctic requires an intense trek across the ice, they must call upon the huskies. These 8 dogs help carry the team across the thin ice to complete the mission. However, circumstances in the team require a quick evacuation that leaves the dogs stranded and alone, awaiting the return of the scientists so they can all come back however a storm prevents their ability for a quick return. This journey shows the determination and character of the dogs going to extreme feats in order to survive as a team.

brown and white Siberian husky

All Dogs go to Heaven

This animated feature is a classic for any dog lovers as a child. In a world where there is a canine society in the underbelly of the city canine casino owner Charlie is killed by a notorious gambler called Carface. After returning to Earth from heaven, Charlie is on a mission of vengeance with a strategic plan using an orphaned girl. However, over time he discovers the orphan’s situation and the developing relationship between the two puts Charlie at a crossroads on what to do. This classic is a great film to take you back and enjoy, keeping you entertained with Charlie’s quick wit and development of character.


Based on Eric Knight’s 1940 novel lassies Come home, the film investigates the life of a poor mining family. Taking into the hard life of the miner’s son whose only consolidation in life is his best friend Lassie. However, his life is flipped upside down when the mine is closed down and in order for the family to have some money have to sell Lassie to the Duke. With such a strong connection between the two Lassie escapes the Duke and returns home multiple times upon each time the family must return Lassie back to the Duke. It’s defining moment went the Duke takes Lassie with him to Scotland for their winter holidays however Lassie has other plans. With one final escape plan Lassie must attempt to defy all odds and make her way home with Glaswegian dog hunter on her tail.

101 Dalmatians

In what is known as a Disney classic, Dalmatian Pongo wants to give up the bachelor life and finds his perfect partner. After manipulating his mater, Roger, into meeting Perdita’s owner, Anita, couples both human and dalmatian fall in love and become the perfect household. In this time Pongo and Perdita become parents to a large litter of puppies that grab the attention of the evil Cruella De Vil who wants to buy them all. However, when her offer is turned down she hires her brothers to steal them. With all this going on Pongo and Perdita must find a way to escape Cruella’s evil clutches and get back home. This is full of close calls and cute comedy to make it a lovely adventure for the whole family.

dalmatian puppy

A Dog’s Purpose

With a fresh new approach to dog films, this looks at the purpose of our furry companions and how they impact us so greatly in our lives. Following one dog’s journey through their first owner, creating a strong bond between dog and child they realise that their purpose is to bring joy, love and happiness to their owners. After multiple reincarnations, you see how this purpose is fulfilled in different ways showing how dogs truly are man’s best friends. This film really hit home when it comes to how much our dogs really love us and the extremes, they will go to support us.

Homeward Bound

Before the Seavers can go on their family holiday they have to drop their family pets, Chance the Retriever, Shadow the American Bulldog and Sassy the Cat. Although once they have been dropped off at their friend’s ranch, they’re afraid of being left their forever. This leads to the trio making their way through the Californian Wilderness with no guide but their gut feeling of being homeward bound. This is a great fill for all pet lovers with a great mix of characters to make this an exciting and thrilling adventure.

Marley & Me

When newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan decide to leave their wintery home of Michigan for the sunny lands of Florida, they decide to start it’s the perfect time to start a family. They decide to start by adopting what they believe to be a sweet and adorable Labrador puppy, Marley, however as time goes by and Marley becomes more mischievous and causes a lot of trouble for both himself and the family. This takes you on a journey of how the family grows and the troubles that come with it. This film makes you feel as if you’re one of the family with a real sense of belonging.

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