The best dog beds for whippets

Whippets make for wonderful pets; they’re quiet, gentle and loyal, and they tend to enjoy the company of humans and other dogs too. These sparky, cheeky little pups are a great favourite and make wonderful family pets. However, they’re delicate creatures, and can feel the cold very easily. When it comes to taking care of them properly, you need to make sure they’ve got the right bed to suit their slender frame and thin coat; it’s got to be the right size and provide the right level of comfort and support for their body. And it’s got to keep those draughts at bay, too.

If you’re unsure whether you have the right dog bed for your whippet’s needs, or you’re thinking about getting a new one, read our handy guide below. We’ve put together a list of the best dog beds for whippets, so you know you are giving your pooch the best possible care.

Doughnut shape dog beds

This type of dog bed has a raised and stuffed fabric bumper that extends around all or part of the bed to keep your whippet well contained. If your dog has a habit of sleeping on its back with all four legs in the air (otherwise known as roaching), they can topple over in one direction or the other. Doughnut shape dog beds can stop them from falling off the bed when they roll onto their side.

Whippets also like this kind of bed because they can rest their head on the padded area, either while they sleep, or when they’re watching what’s going on around them. Make sure you avoid dog beds with a cedar chip filling, as they can hurt your whippet. Instead, you should look for beds with a memory foam filling, made from foam, cotton or polyester. It’s a much better solution for them, and longer lasting too.

Whippets playing

Mattress beds

Pallet-style dog beds are usually big, flat beds with plenty of room for your whippet to stretch out comfortably on. Most dogs of this breed will need a minimum size of 44 inches by 54 inches or larger, so make sure you get one big enough for your particular pet.

If you go for this kind of dog bed, it can be a good idea to choose one with a handy removable zip cover, so you can remove and wash it when necessary. Lots of different materials are available, but it’s well worth looking out for durable options that wear well. Whippets have a habit of ‘nesting’ when they settle down to sleep, and they like to dig with their toenails, so something that can stand up to the task will be worth the investment eventually.

Dog beds

Raising your dog bed

Whippets have thin coats, so you’ll want to keep them off the floor when they go to sleep. Raising your non-slip based dog bed with a robust surface will keep your pooch away from draughts and the cold floor when they get into bed. In addition, older whippets or those with mobility issues will find it much easier to lift themselves off a raised bed.

Confine your dog bed

Another way to keep your whippet away from the cold is by choosing a confined space to place your dog bed. They’ll feel warm and protected from draughts when they hop into their comfy nest, so if your pooch likes to hide away in their own special place, this could be the option for them. Plus, as an added bonus for you, confining your dog bed is a brilliant way to hide all the toys and dog accessories that you’ve built up.

By Raised By Humans