Protecting your Home from your Dog

Taking on board a new puppy is an incredibly exciting adventure into the unknown. They make your world a happier place, but they do leave a mess behind them! Puppies are inquisitive and don’t quite understand what is right or wrong until you teach them, so it’s important to keep valuable and potentially dangerous items out of harms reach.

To ensure your little bundle of joy doesn’t wreak absolute havoc, it’s key that you protect your home in a number of different ways.

Keep your prized possessions out of harms reach

It’s important you keep anything valuable to you out of the way. Unfortunately, your pup won’t understand yet just how breakable that brand new vase is until it’s in pieces on the floor. Be wary of any loose wires and cables, and if needed find somewhere to tuck them away or cover them with a protector.

Puppies will target your sofa and pillows as a potential chew toy. You can find an anti-chew spray that will deter your puppy from ruining your favourite sofa cushion.

Create a safe space for your pup

Make them an area of their own, somewhere they feel safe, that will contain the havoc to that zone. This helps them to acclimatise to their new environment, providing them somewhere to sleep and keep their toys.

Having this area means you can introduce them to other parts of your home once they are used to their own space. Keeping items that are puppy and chew friendly in this area is also good practice for when they are allowed into other areas of your home.

Keep escape routes to a minimum

As well as your pup having their own space, you can use baby gates to prevent them from escaping. It’s also a good idea to put deadbolts on doors, as puppies have a tendency to become superb, Houdini-esc escape artists.

Motion sensors are a great way of tracking whether your pup has made their latest escape stunt, sending alerts to your mobile phone to tell you they are not where they should be.

Put dangerous items away

There are items in your home that can cause serious harm to your pup, so it’s vital that you keep them well out of the way. Electrical wires are one of the worst, dogs love to chew and wires are incredibly chewable.

Keep anything that you don’t want chewing off ground floor level unless it needs to be there. Keep detergents and cleaning products in locked cupboards. Also, try and find a bin that can’t be opened if it falls over, dogs love to rummage around in the garbage bins for any food, and there can sometimes be dangerous and toxic items lurking amongst it.

Store their treats out of reach

There’s nothing your pup loves more than having free reign of the treat tin, in the blink of an eye they will be gone. Keeping their treats in a tin and well out of paws reach will ensure there are no raids anytime soon.

Keep your meals well away from ledges, they are cheeky and will try anything they can to get those paws on any food possible. Unfortunately, they don’t know the difference between what is yours and what is their’s, so they will try anything they can.

Install a gate on your drive

Dogs are incredibly inquisitive animals, and they love to wander and explore. Installing a gate ensures that they stay where you can keep an eye on them and they won’t be found wandering the nearby streets.

You can use motion sensors to ensure the safety of your precious pooch. Installing self-spring back gates also guarantees your gate will shut itself automatically if someone forgets.

Give your dog the bed they deserve

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By Raised By Humans