Picking a designer dog bed

If us humans can treat ourselves to designer clothes, swanky furniture, and even posh bedding, then why can’t our pets have the same special little luxuries? Now they can, with designer dog beds complete with matching blankets from top-name brands, with something for any type of home.

Why go designer?

Our pets are part of our family, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be treated with the same love and respect as everyone else in the home! If you’re lounging on a top-quality designer sofa, is it fair that your pup shivers on an old, smelly blanket in the corner of the room? At Raised By Humans, we say no to that! So let’s have a look at what’s on offer, and what you should think about if you’re looking for designer dog beds for your furry best friend.

Pug on a chair

Home or office?

A comfy office dog bed is a must-have for your pet at home, but what about in the office? Forward-thinking companies are starting to recognise that leaving a pet on their own all day at home isn’t a kind thing to do, no matter how nice the surroundings. Our pets need to feel part of the ‘pack’, which means they want close contact with you all day. Some businesses are allowing workers to bring their dogs to the office (as long as they’re well behaved!). And that means you’re going to need to invest in an office bed for your pup, too.

A designer dog bed that’s modern, lightweight and practical but still ticks all the style boxes is a must. A great idea is to choose a dog bed that the dog can feel safe and secure in a strange environment. While a Chaise Longue couch may be ideal for home, it’s probably not practical for a professional environment or in keeping with a more contemporary décor.

Pick beds that are simply designed and come complete with a memory-foam mattress for extra comfort. Get the dog used to the bed at home before you take them to work so that they recognise the bed and associate it with a comfy, safe place to curl up and snooze while you get on with your day.

puppy in luxury dog bed

Designer brands – Picking the best

Many designer brands have offshoots for our four-legged friends, so if your country wardrobe is full of Barbour and Burberry, you can get dog beds to match for a coordinated look. At Raised By Humans, you’ll find elegant and exclusive designs that are perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings.

For a stylish yet more contemporary look, go for a similar design but in an alternative shape such as a doughnut shape. And for older dogs that can’t tolerate a hard bed, a memory-foam filled mattress provides complete comfort and a place that your pet has somewhere comfy to curl up.

Top it off with a matching blanket and you’ve got a great looking designer dog bed your furry friend will adore!

As much as we love our dogs, buying a dog bed is not just for our pets. It’s about buying something you actually want in your home. Dog beds should look so good that you will want to get rid of your sofa, they also don’t want fall apart though when faced with the realities of living with your four-legged family. Shop the full range of designer dog beds here.

By Raised By Humans