Size Guide

Large dog bed or medium dog bed?

Choosing the right size is important. The dog bed you choose needs to be suited for daytime comfort, afternoon naps and night-time rests.

The dog bed you choose should support your pet in all sleeping positions, and leave a bit of extra space either side so they don’t go falling out. A large enough dog bed is important too for helping your pooch feel safe and secure during the night.

As we know all dogs are different If in doubt, simply go for the bigger size. Or simply drop us a message and we will do our best to help.

Measuring your dog

You will need a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Or try a piece of string and ruler to measure the piece of string. And best to try this when your dog is relaxed or asleep as opposed to excited and jumping around everywhere!

Stand your dog in a relaxed position with all four feet on the ground, head up but not over stretched.

Length: measure (cm) from the tip of your dogs nose to the start of their tail 

Height: measure (cm) from the top of their head down to the floor.

Once you have these two measurements for length and height add 25cm to calculate a minimum recommended bed length and width required to compensate for those more stretched out sleeping positions!

Here are our bed sizes:

Medium 85cm x 55cm
Suited for smaller dogs such as a pug, chihuahua, jack russell or boston terrier.

Large 115cm x 70cm
Suited for larger dogs such as labradors, german shepherds - or two small dogs who are happy to share!

Please note, sizing may differ slightly between each product due to manufacture process.

Medium & Large Dog Beds

Our beds are available in both medium and large - take a look!

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