Most Popular Dog Breeds amongst Celebrities

Before there were celebrity Pet’s followed by the masses, there was just the standard Celebrity Pet. Beloved best friends and trusted sidekicks of the rich and famous stars of the world you would see them in the magazines but never know them as personally as you believe to know them now.

After the glow up of Instagram, we can now see the personal account of each and every celebrities best friend. These celebrity pooches have a big impact on what breeds are bought by us and can make breeds overly popular such as the French Bulldog in recent years or the Old-time Classic Chihuahua, renownedly brought to the forefront by Paris Hilton.

French Bulldog

Although the French Bulldog gets its name from how their breed originated, they seem to have gathered popularity worldwide. Starting in France the French Bulldog moved to the UK during the Industrial Revolution. After gaining popularity with the masses of the working class many years ago they have now worked their way up the ranks to be the best friends of the elite. Dali, Hugh Jackman’s French Bulldog is just one you will see on social media, as she constantly pops up on his feed making the most adorable appearances.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was originally bred to carry out work and guarding duties, especially in the war. However, due to these duties, their personalities were developed to create smart, loyal companions, making them follow on the saying “man’s best friend”. They have loads of energy they love to share when you see them. It’s no wonder stars such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Anniston can’t wait to get home from a long day’s work to see their amazing furry friends eagerly awaiting their return.

Labrador Retriever

Known as the world favourite dog celebrities think no differently. Nick Jonas and Emily Blunt are really no different from the rest of us, their hearts must melt at the sight of their ever so cute puppy dog eyes. Their popularity roots from their playful nature both with humans and other dogs, they truly can get along with anyone and anything.

 Irish Wolfhound

Not normally a breed you’d hear about or see in your local dog park, but the Irish Wolfhound seems to have taken favour with the rich and famous. Ryan Gosling was known to have his best friend “The Rockstar”, George brought with him everywhere he went. George even made an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. Despite the breeds violent past of war and hunting animals, the Irish Wolfhound is now a great family companion full of love and affection. You’d never believe what they used to get up to!


What once used to be a large sledging breed is now a cute toy Pomeranian. After years of selective breeding, this breed has shrunk in size but excelled in its cuteness. Owned by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stefani these dogs don’t shy away from the camera. Nor are they too cool to put on dog clothes and give a fashion shoot for their owners. With their big eyes and cute smile, it’s hard not to fall for these miniature dogs.


British Bulldogs are renowned for their stocky structure and wrinkles galore. Their chilled-out personality is usually seen as lazy however if you give them toys to play with they can go forever. Despite their wrinkles, they’re highly photogenic and are greatly matched to their owners like Joe Jonas and Adam Sandler where their intelligence meets their comical personality.


Pugs have lived a life of luxury for centuries and in the 21st isn’t any different. Originating all the way back to China from 960 AD the pug was highly valued by Chinese royalty and lived the life of luxury with the extent of having their own soldiers for guarding. Now they’re all over everyone’s Instagram feeds and despite peaking their popularity a couple of years ago they’re still a companion to many stars including Gerard Butler and Ted Danson.

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By Raised By Humans