Meet Bilbo – The Boston Terrier you need to follow!

He’s popular with the ladies and scared of his own farts. Meet Bilbo, the adorable and devilishly cheeky Boston Terrier.

We think you’ll agree, they don’t get much more loveable than this.

Bilbo is lucky, and so are you. Because we’re going to be documenting and sharing his every move as he grows up Raised By Humans.

You’ll get regular insights into Bilbo’s life as he learns to navigate the world for the very first time.

Useful if you’re thinking about welcoming a puppy into your own family.

Or if (like the rest of us) you consume an unhealthy amount of dog content and you’re not afraid to admit it.

So do the right thing and follow the Raised By Humans Facebook and Instagram for heart-achingly cute pics and videos of Bilbo like this.

Bilbo Raised By Humans

And this.

Bilbo Raised By Humans

Sleeping a lot, biting everything, and finally coming to terms with the concept of farting.

But don’t always believe what you see. Beneath that innocent exterior Bilbo adores the attention and is nothing short of a flirt.

Not much phases him, and he can be stubborn. Hide his favourite monkey Bert at your own peril. He will judge you.

Bilbo Raised By Humans

He’s not quite as passionate about rain or hoovers, mind. And he’s not a big fan of the cold either. Racing straight to the radiator as soon as he steps indoors.

It’s a big scary world, but with his loving owners and a cosy Raised By Humans donut bed to retreat to after a long day, we have a feeling Bilbo will be just fine.

Be the first to see Bilbo’s updates – search #BilboxRBH on Instagram and tap ‘follow’. You’ll see every funny moment and mishap as soon as they appear!

Want to be in Bilbo’s gang?

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By Raised By Humans