Luxury dog bed essentials

If us humans can have all the comforts when we snuggle down for a good night’s sleep, why shouldn’t our pets?

If us humans can have all the comforts when we snuggle down for a good night’s sleep, why shouldn’t our pets? Dogs love somewhere warm and cosy to bed down, and these days there are plenty of options when it comes to keeping them comfortable. From memory foam beds to blankets and a teddy to keep them company, luxury dog bed essentials are adorable, affordable and a great way to show your dog you love them.

Dogs sleeping on bed

Is your dog unhappy with their bed?

The average dog bed is great for a few weeks. Then it starts to lose its shape, flatten and become uncomfortable for your dog to lie in. You may notice that they take longer to settle, worry at loose covers or paw at the bed as they try to get comfy. They may even avoid using the bed altogether. That’s a clear indication that your dog’s bed needs attention. If a good clean doesn’t make it better, then it may need replacing.

A new mattress for your dog’s bed

However, dogs can become very attached to their beds, even if they’re looking a bit tired (the bed, not the dog!).

For lasting comfort, memory foam filled dog bed mattresses are a great choice. They’re also available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From large square beds to smaller round versions, they not only fit most standard dog beds, but they’re guaranteed to give your pup a great night’s sleep. They won’t lose their shape, either, and come with loose covers that can be easily removed and popped into the washing machine.

Somewhere safe to hide

Any animal needs to feel safe and secure when they settle down and go to sleep. For many dogs, that means having a ‘cocoon’ where they can withdraw from the world. Doughnut dog beds offer your pet a cosy and safe place to bed down for the night. They also keep the dog warmer too, ideal if your pup is a short-haired dog who tends to feel chilly. Adding a simple blanket for them to curl up underneath can be just as effective in keeping the cold at bay.

Great Dane sitting on Luxury dog bed

Specialist beds for older dogs

Dogs suffer from aching limbs as they get older, and memory foam beds offer a great night’s sleep and relief from stiff hips and legs. They can also come with waterproof linings too, just in case of any accidents. If your elderly dog has mobility problems then a dog bed in more than one room would be the best choice to make it easier for your dog to get comfy anywhere in the house.

Speaking of colours…

Don’t go for dull black or functional brown! These days, luxury dog’s beds come in a whole palette of colours – from purple crushed velvet to geometric designs in bold colours.

Like any other type of furniture, go for quality, long-lasting dog beds with solid frames and premium (washable) fabrics, a memory foam mattress and a snuggly blanket. Your dog will love you even more!

As much as we love our dogs, buying a dog bed is not just for our pets. It’s about buying something you actually want in your home. Dog beds should look so good that you will want to get rid of your sofa, they also don’t want fall apart though when faced with the realities of living with your four-legged family. Shop the full range of designer dog beds here.

By Raised By Humans