Keeping your puppy safe

It’s an exciting time when you finally get to bring your puppy home. Normally it's full of fun, laughter and watching your cute new family member wandering around the house gaining their bearings. As cute as it is for you to be watching your new puppy exploring the house, it can also be rather dangerous

Before bringing your puppy home there are precautions that should be put in place in order for your home to be puppy ready and safe to be explored. The natural curiosity and playful behaviour of your puppies in their first year can result in a lot of things being chewed, many scents could be smelt and even more things could be tasted. Sadly not all of the substances in the house are safe for consumption by your puppy including chocolate so it’s essential for you to prepare and take precautions when introducing them to their new environment.

Make sure to cover the cords

Chewing is a puppy’s favourite past time. Whether it’s your shoes, your laces, your clothes or even your toys. A puppy will chew through just about anything, it is this behaviour that makes them a great hazard to themselves. Leaving live wires on the floor allows puppies the opportunity for them to hurt themselves with shock, burns and bruises. The best way to prevent this is through chew covers or to keep these cables out of reach. When puppies are out of their pen it’s important to keep them supervised at all times to prevent these incidents. Having many chew toys for your puppy to tuck into is also a great way to keep them away from your cables and other dangerous items.

Human medicine can be harmful to dogs

Human medication is one of the most common sources of poisoning in pets every year. As they naturally want to chew and eat things in their path they have no knowledge of what is safe and what is harmful. This is why you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to looking after your medication. You need to ensure that all storage containers for the medication is away in cupboards and draws out of the reach and sight of your puppies. It’s also important to dispense any medicine over a bin or sink, this reduces the likelihood of any missed medication being taken by the puppies.

Make sure cleaning supplies are out of reach

Similarly to having to store your medicines, cleaning products such as mopping liquids and bleach can be very harmful to dogs as it is to humans. This means you have to be vigilant when cleaning, as any spillages or left substances could be licked up by your puppies. It’s also important to store them correctly so that containers are not chewed and opened by your puppies.

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Keep rubbish under wraps

Our bin bags are full of different smells which excites our puppies, filling them with curiosity. This gives them the urge to explore our bins hunting for what is making the smells. Sometimes these can be harmless apple cores that have been thrown in there, however many other things could be found in those bins that aren’t too safe.

Plastic packaging, rotting old foods and meats or sharp objects that might have been thrown in the bin could hurt and distress your puppies. If rotten food is eaten it could make our puppies fall ill, with you being unsure of what they have eaten it can delay treatment by vets as they have to take extra precaution when trying to treat them. It’s essential to have bins secured with lids on them and when throwing rubbish away the bags are correctly tied up.

Set boundaries for your puppy

As spoken before these curious young pups will take any chance possible to explore our homes. Trying every nook and cranny to find new things and places, pushing the boundaries of where they can and can’t go. To avoid them getting into places they shouldn’t and stopping them from hurting themselves, it is important to set boundaries. Having a pen around there bed is a good start to keep track of your puppy but as they grow this space has to expand with them. Using baby gates and closing doors is a good way to keep them enclosed. It’s also a good idea to try and cover any holes or gaps in the furniture so they don’t get stuck behind any sofa’s of other small spaces.

Keep them grounded

With setting boundaries, it’s important to ensure their paws remain firmly planted to the ground. Despite not having the ability to fly, many puppies are happy to jump around in order to explore, especially when with others as their confidence is boosted, so is their willingness to try new feats. Despite their bravery, they’re still in the early days of growth, therefore when they jump from heights they’re likely to hurt their weak bones and joints. In order to stop this make sure to check the areas they’re exploring so they don’t have access to high edges and platforms.

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