Isolation Exercises for your Dogs

The latest Coronavirus outbreak has seen many of us work from home and find ourselves locked in the house. So how can we go about ensuring your pets get the best exercise possible?

Covid-19 has affected our lives in many ways, self-isolations, working from home and not being able to buy toilet paper from the shops. Although this has affected us greatly it has also has an effect on our dog’s daily lives too. Initially, they’ll be more than happy to have you around the house every day giving them attention when they want it, food when they’re hungry and water whenever they’re thirsty. But when we’re being restricted on when or if we can go out, they can’t always get the walks and exercise they want and need.

It’s said that a dog should have on average 2 hours of exercise a day in order to live a healthy balanced lifestyle and under these circumstances we can no longer give them that exercise through the traditional method of walking and we need to find alternative ways of doing this.

Luckily we have brought together a list of exercises and games for you to do with your dog to keep you occupied and them exercising over this dreary isolation period…

black dog lying on fabric sectional sofa

Physical exercises

When stuck at home many of us will resort to fitness regimes consisting of push ups, sit ups and squats to keep us active. Sadly this isn’t the case for our dogs, as they’re unable to complete these kinds of exercises you have to get creative in your activities

Obstacle courses

A great and fun way for you to keep you and your dog active is by creating your own obstacle course. By using objects from around the house you can create multiple different courses for your dog to run through. Why not take inspiration from the recent Crufts competition? A great idea would be to use a hula hoop for your dog to jump through or create a tunnel with cushions. This will allow you to help your dog get a workout both physically and mentally.

Stairmaster 3000

The same way we humans like to use the step machines at the gym having your dog run up and down the stairs will be a great way to tire them out. Steps add additional challenges to your dog’s workout. Using muscles they wouldn’t generally use on a normal walk or run. A great way for you to do this is by standing at the top of the stairs and making them fetch the toy from the bottom repeatedly. Also if you’re wanting to complete a workout with them why not run with them on the stairs holding the toy (stairs permitting). After several rounds of going up and down the stairs you and your dog should be tired out.

selective focus photography of golden Labrador retriever

Walking on the treadmill

If you’re lucky enough to have a home gym then why not work out with your dog? Dogs can use the treadmill. They will, however, need a bit of training to begin with. First, get your dog used to a dog treadmill when it’s turned off. Then, turn it on at a slow pace. Don’t leash your dog on the treadmill – just keep an eye on them and give them treats from the front end of the treadmill.

Mental exercises

As important as it’s for your dog to physically fit it is also important to give them a mental workout. When they’re out on walks they are usually given dozens of sights, smells and objects to stimulate them mentally. When they’re trapped inside with us it is up to us to give them mental exercises to keep them sane and not go wild due to boredom.

Scavenger hunts with treats

Hiding treats in and around the house can give your dog both a physical and mental work out. This type of training is best for hounds and retrievers but will be fun to try with any breed. All it takes is for you to hide dog treats around the house and enthuse your dog to go find them. Placing some treats in easy to find places will give them positive reinforcement to find others.

medium-coated brown dog during daytime


A great way to keep your dogs entertained is through puzzles. By filling puzzles with treats you can keep your dog mentally occupied for hours. There are many different types of puzzles that you can get your dog and it would be best to find a suitable puzzle for your dog. For example, a rolling ball puzzle will be better for bigger dogs, and a flip door puzzle for smaller dogs. It may be necessary for you to introduce and show your dog how the puzzle works in order for them to become interested.


Teaching your dog tricks is an amazing way to pass the time as well as creating ways to show off to your friends. Whether they are just about toilet trained and want to take it a step further or you’ve got them playing dead already and need a new trick for the roster, there are always new tricks that can be taught and learnt. Teaching your dog tricks is an amazing way for you and your dog to create and develop a good bond and connection. It is also a great way to keep yourselves organised for hours on end.

After a long workout session, there’s nothing better than to take a long nap for our four legged friends. When they take the nap they deserve the best rest possible. Here at Raised By Humans, we care for the wellbeing of our dogs and know the importance of sleep as well as exercise. We have designed a great range of dog beds that are designed to support your dogs wellbeing as well as giving a great sleep for your dogs.

By Raised By Humans