Introducing the top pupfluencers of Instagram

Instagram isn't just for humans, it's for dogs too and there are some great Instagram-famous dogs. Read our definitive list of some of the best.

Instagram influencers are all the rage these days with Instagrammers with 1 million plus followers making money from the social media platform. You may be surprised to hear that there’s actually something more popular than influencers on Instagram and that’s dogs.

There have been many famous pups on Instagram with some boasting as many as 6 million followers. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the top dogs of Instagram.

@JiffPom – 10 Million Followers

Jiff Pom is the top dog of Instagram, boasting around 6.6 million followers in total. He has reached large scale commercial success and was even featured in Katy Perry’s music video for hit single Dark Horse. If this wasn’t enough, he also holds the world record for fastest dog running on two paws. In 2015, he was also voted Most Popular Dog in the World in 2015, a nod towards his online notoriety and popularity.

@ItsDougthePug – 2.9 Million Followers

Perhaps the most popular and well loved pug in the world, Nashville-based Doug the Pug has around 2.9 million followers. His successes have led to several popular annual calendars, a New York Times best-selling publication and even his own range of merchandise. All in a days work for this loveable pup! He has also starred in a music video for Fall Out Boy’s hit “Irresistible”. His owner posts photos of him daily over on his Instagram page.

@Marutaro – 2.6 Million Followers

Marutaro, the loveable Shiba Inu hails from Tokyo and boasts 2.6 million worldwide followers. The star of several photobooks was the ideation of Shinjiro Ono who started his Instagram page to cheer people up following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. The pair haven’t looked back since and continue to lift the spirits of not just Japan, but the world.

@Loki – 2 Million Followers

Loki is a stunning and loveable Husky/Arctic Wolf/Malamute wolf dog mix. He resides in Denver, Colorado and his photos include his and his owners outdoor adventures. He has partnered with brands like Toyota, Chaco Footwear and L.L Bean and his owner manages his Instagram on a full time basis, amassing over 2 million followers.

@MarnieTheDog – 1.8 Million Followers

You’ll recognise Marnie because of her big eyes and signature tongue out of the corner of the mouth expression. Sadly, Marnie passed away in early 2020 but her owner continues to post pictures of the famous Marnie on her Instagram page to ensure she continues to put a smile on people’s faces worldwide. She was adopted at the age of 11 and her Instagram page was set up to promote the adoption of older dogs.

@ThisWildIdea – 1.3 Million Followers

Maddie is the star of her owner Theron Humphrey’s Instagram account This Wild Idea. She was adopted in Georgia and her photographer taking owner quickly realised she had a knack for balance and striking a pose. Off the back of that, she quickly became the centre of his photo series. She now has her own photobook and they’ve also partnered with companies like Goose Island, Discover Boating and loads more.

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By Raised By Humans