Huh, what’s a donut dog bed?

We all know that dogs can spend lots of time relaxing and sleeping, so when it comes to choosing a dog bed, it’s important to get the right one. You’ll find lots of shapes and sizes available today, with something to suit every size of dog. These include lots of lovely donut dog beds, which could be the perfect fit if your pooch loves to feel as cuddly and cosy as possible.

What is a donut dog bed?

Donut dog beds are circular or oval-shaped bolster beds with a centre pillow and raised sides. It’s one of the most snuggly options out there, and popular with pups of all shapes and sizes.

Plenty of plush cushioning keeps your dog nice and comfortable, and can also act as a crate or travel mat. The raised sides offer that feeling of security that they love. Depending on which particular donut dog bed you pick, the sides can either fully enclose the bed, or there will be a front opening to make it simpler for your dog to get in and out. Some use polyfill to keep the sides soft and supple, while others are made from foam to provide a more structured finish.

If all this sounds good so far, here are a few extra features you should look out for when choosing the ideal donut dog bed…

Memory foam

Selecting a donut dog bed that comes complete with memory foam will ensure it moulds to the unique shape and contours of your dog’s body. That means maximum comfort and support when they’re relaxing or going to sleep. This can be a particularly welcome feature for older dogs, or those with joint problems, because it helps to relieve pressure points. Memory foam also responds to your pet’s body temperature, which should help prevent them from getting too hot and trying to sleep on the cooler floor instead.

Water resistance

Is your dog a mucky pup? Then you’ll want to make sure your donut bed is water resistant. As well as making it simpler to keep your pooch’s bed dirt-free, it’s a great way to protect your home – and you could even pop the bed into the car if you’re heading out and want to keep the boot clean after a walk in the rain.

puppy in luxury dog bed

High-bank sides

Some breeds will love having raised outer walls, because it makes them feel safer and more comfortable. If this sounds like your dog, then picking a donut bed with high-bank sides could be a good option. They’ll also help keep them warm and comfy, protecting them from cold, hard floors and chilly draughts.

Designer fabrics

Of course, donut dog beds are a great place for your precious pooch to cuddle up in. But since it’s going to take up space in your home, don’t you want to make sure it looks good, too? If you really want to pamper your precious pooch, then perhaps you should look out for beautiful designer fabrics. It’s the ideal finishing touch, and a great way to turn your companion’s donut dog bed into a decorative feature.

A final thought

As much as we love our dogs, buying a dog bed is not just for our pets. It’s about buying something you actually want in your home. Dog beds should look so good that you will want to get rid of your sofa, they also don’t want fall apart though when faced with the realities of living with your four-legged family. Shop the full range of designer dog beds here.

By Raised By Humans