How many beds does your dog have?

You’d think the answer would be obvious, why would your dog need more than one bed?. We thought we’d survey the general public and found that 63% of people believe that you only need to have one bed for your dog. Naturally, this should suffice. We only need one bed so why should they need any more than that?

Why should dogs have more than one bed?

Dogs are sociable animals, when you go into specific rooms they will follow. If you stay in that room for a long time your dog will most likely want to stay with you. They crave for your affection and your company.

Keeping your sofas and chairs hair free can be difficult if you have a dog so most owners encourage their dogs to lay on the floor. This seems natural and becomes the norm for your dog over time. However, over the years this becomes harder for your dog to do and can result in your dog becoming stiffer with age. This increases the likelihood of developing arthritis in their senior years. This is due to them sitting on the hard surface with no cushioning for their bones or joints.

With this in mind, it could be a good idea to keep dog beds in the rooms you reside in most. This gives your pooch a comfy place to rest their head in your company and avoids them being tempted to jump up onto your favourite couch.

Why not move the dog beds into different rooms?

When you’re going room to room you’re not going to walk around with the dog bed in case your dog decides to follow you. You also don’t know how long your dog will want to be with you before going to lay somewhere else. So without you following your dog round with their bed, the best solution is to invest in multiple beds. This will not only keep your dog happy but also keep their bones and joints healthy along the way.

How many dog beds should I have?

This question comes with a few factors. You have to consider how many rooms your family spends a lot of time in. These spots are where your dog will most likely want to spend a lot of time laying and sleeping. This is where they will get the most out of their beds. An example of this would be:

  • The living room/family room

  • The kitchen

  • Your bedroom

Allowing your dog to have a comfortable place to sit in these areas will help keep their joints in good condition. This makes the senior years easier and happier for your loyal companion. Although this is a big investment into your dog, it also means a lot to them. It can be hard to watch your dog struggle to move around the house when they get old, so tackling the problem early on will be beneficial in the long run.

What other factors that you should consider?

One of the main factors is age. As your dog gets older they find it harder and harder to move about. Getting up and down becomes more of a struggle as their joints get stiffer by the day. Getting up off the floor makes this task even harder. There’s no comfy support to help them up, only the hard floor beneath them.

Another factor you have to consider is the floor itself. Having carpet in your main rooms is more beneficial compared to harder wooden floors. This is because the carpet itself can help with your dog’s comfort. Obviously, it doesn’t match the comfort and support levels of a dog bed but when your dog is still young this would suffice.

With multiple beds this allows you to wash a dirty dog bed without it affecting your dog’s sleeping habits. It’s essential to wash your dog’s bed once every two weeks to keep it and your house smelling fresh. Having a few dog beds allows you to keep on top of washing the beds. Keeping them clean and healthy without disrupting and affecting your dog’s health.

Here at Raised by Humans, we’ve got a wide range of dog beds available that you and your dog will love. For any further information feel free to contact us today and we’ll do our best to help you!

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By Raised By Humans