How can you make your dog walks more exciting?

It’s recommended that we take our dogs for a daily walk, no excuses. But with owners leading such busy lives nowadays, it's no surprise that 30% of us struggle to maintain this

Like many things, following the same routine becomes mundane and boring to us to the point where sometimes we pretend we don’t actually need to do it. This seems to be the case with dog walking, as we follow the same routes and paths our walks start to become boring, although this isn’t the case for our dogs. For them, the daily walk is vital in keeping up with their health as it is their regular exercise but also allows them to experience the outside world and give them the ability to socialise with other dogs that they don’t get a chance to do when stuck at home. So, we’ve made a list of ways to reignite your excitement for getting that daily exercise.

Training on the go

When taking your dog for a walk you can make things interesting by taking a break and training your dog different things. As dogs can be easily distracted, it’s a good idea to start with this in a quiet spot on your walks. Getting away from all the noise and distractions allows you and your dog to focus on the training instead of what’s going on around you. It’s also good to start with easier tasks such as sit or stay. Once you get more comfortable with training on walks then you can try and train your dog in different environments, this will help with your dog’s obedience and reduce the likelihood of your dog acting on impulse.

Bring some treats for nose work

As well as standard training, you can help train your dog’s sensory work. By bringing treats for your dog to find whilst on your walk you help keep them mentally stimulated as well as physically. A great way to do this is by hiding treats within the grass or low places they can reach and encourage them to go get them. This will keep them entertained as well as sharpening their natural abilities.

How about going quicker?

If you generally take slow gentle walks why not speed it up a bit and make it a brisk walk? You could even turn it into a jog every now and again. These little changes are a great way to keep it exciting as well as helping you keep up both of your fitness levels.

Change your route

If you want to make your dog walks more exciting and fresh without having to travel to new routes you can just switch up your old ones. Start where you’d normally finish, take a left when normally you’d go right. Changing your route and keeping variety in your walks keeps them enjoyable and fresh without having to “go the extra mile”.

Let your dog take the lead

A way to keep things interesting is by letting your dog lead the way for the day. Instead of you taking the lead and following a specific route it’s a fun idea to switch rules and in fact let your dog’s curiosity allow you to find a new route to take for your walk. This allows you to find out more about your dog as they show you what they find interesting. Although they may get distracted and the walk may take longer than usual, it will make a happier dog as they get to do everything they want outside the house.

Invite a Friend Along

The more the merrier! Bringing friends along is a great way to keep your walks entertaining. Catching up with friends in real life instead of over the phone helps make those walks a lot more enjoyable and a friendly face is always welcomed by dogs. If your friends have a dog themselves it’s a great way to stick to your daily walks as you will keep each other going, it also allows your dog to make friends and play with others whilst on your walk.

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