Finding a stain resistant dog bed

Finding a stain resistant dog bed can be tricky, this is where we're here to help...

Sometimes, our beloved dogs can be prone to an accident or two in their bed. So it’s important to ensure that we get them a stain resistant dog bed so that, when they do have an accident, it’s easy for them to be cleaned and reused. They can also sometimes leave a fairly nasty odour around and these are pretty much the only two downsides of owning a dog.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the best ways you can prevent stains from appearing on your dog’s bed and how you can keep them smelling fresh, clean and brand new.

Why is it important to have a stain resistant dog bed?

Ideally, when you get a dog, you want them to have one dog bed that lasts the distance. Stains can be a tricky and sometimes smelly annoyance to have in your home and you may find yourself needing to find a new dog bed to replace the stain ridden one in your home. As mentioned, they can also become smelly.

As a lot of stains come from dog food or urine, over time this can become unpleasant. Having a stain resistant bed means stains won’t linger, are easy to remove and in turn won’t leave any nasty odours in the air.

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How do I choose the best stain resistant bed?

There are a number of factors you need to consider before picking a bed for your dog. These include some of the following factors:

The Size

The size of the bed really depends on the breed of the dog. Certain breeds will be larger than others so will require a bigger bed. This ensures that they stay comfortable and can either stretch out or curl up in their bed when they sleep. You need to take into account how your dog likes to sleep as well as their size. For example, if you have a smaller breed who likes to sprawl out, you may want to consider a medium sized dog bed.

The Appearance

Appearance is less important to the dog. You need something that suits the decor in your home, so that the bed doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Try and decide what room you’re going to place the bed in before choosing the style, this way you truly know whether it fits.


The material is important when choosing a stain resistant dog bed. You need a material that resists stains and bad odour and when your dog does have a little accident, it’s easy to clean off. Dog beds made out of polyester fibre are best for avoiding stains. You can guarantee stains will come away easily, odours won’t linger and the bed will remain new for a long period of time.

Removing stains and keeping them clean

A good place to start is by removing any loose dirt, dog hairs and other loose items. You can do this by vacuuming the bed on a regular basis. This ensures loose hairs are not let loose around your home which can set off allergies.

Removing the stains is fairly simple. If you can get a natural stain remover, simply spray the stain remover on and wipe the mark away. You can also hand wash the dog bed yourself and if this is done on a regular basis, can help prevent marks from becoming more permanent stains over time. Most dog beds have removable covers so this can be done with ease.

It’s important to try and wash separately from other laundry. Try and use a washing machine where possible to clean the cover as this is the quickest way of removing all the stains.

Once you’ve washed the cover, put it through your tumble dryer to ensure it’s dried properly before placing it back on the bed.

Hopefully, you’ve found this advice useful and it helps you, not only make your purchase in the future but ensure they stay clean moving forwards. If you need any more advice or want to find out more about our stain resistant dog beds, make sure to get in touch with us.

By Raised By Humans