Do you need to wash your dog bed?

The simple answer is yes! Like humans, dogs are susceptible to illness, and this can often be affected by a dog’s hygiene. Unfortunately for them, they’re not in full control of their hygiene, so we need to give them a helping hand along the way.

Regularly cleaning your pooches bed is one simple way of ensuring they maintain good hygiene levels. This can be anything from a quick vacuum, to sticking it in the washing machine. Dogs appreciate fresh bedding too!

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Why should we clean our dog’s beds?

If you look around your house you can normally see where your dog has been and its favourite places to sleep. Sadly, dogs do have a tendency to malt. Dog hair tends to harbour infectious diseases and fleas/mites that can be harmful to your beloved pooch.

The dog bed is a haven for fleas and mites, and the last thing you want is your home to be riddled with them. So it’s important you grab the vac and clean them up as quickly as possible to prevent them from spreading.

How often should I clean my dog’s bed?

This really comes down to personal opinion. Some pet owners can’t even remember when they last gave their dog’s bed a good clean, whereas others give it a regular clean.

We decided to put dog owners to the test to see how often they give their dogs bed a good clean. 29% of people voted that they wash their dog bed on a weekly basis, with 38% opting to wash their bed on a monthly basis. 33% of voters only wash them every 3 months or more. So as you can see it really does come down to personal opinion.

It’s recommended that you try and clean it every fortnight. This will avoid anything harmful settling on the bed and can prevent any problems being caused.

It also comes down to how active your dog is, and how much contact they get with the outside world. For example, if your dog goes for daily walks and has a tendency to head for the nearest pile of mud, then regular cleans might be necessary, However, a dog that spends little time in the outside world is more than likely to have a cleaner bed.

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How can an unhygienic dog affect us?

Allowing the hairs to pile up in the bed without a regular vacuum or washing creates the perfect habitat for these pests. It allows them to multiply and increase the chances of infection and irritation to both the dog and owner.

Although your dog may not show signs of illness they can be playing the role of the carrier. Although humans have a low chance of contracting diseases from their faithful friend, they can still impact our health.

Diseases are mainly passed on through contact with your pooch, whether this is through faeces, vomit, saliva or urine. The most common cause is through petting and contact with their fur. So a healthy dog means a healthy human!

How can I clean my dog’s bed?

It’s actually incredibly easy to clean a dog’s bed. Vacuuming is fine between washes, but to reduce the risk of infection for yourself and others the bedding needs to be thoroughly washed on a regular basis.

Setting your washing machine to around 130 degrees or above gives it a high chance of killing any potential germs or infections. A quick 20 minute dry on high heat will leave it looking as good as new.

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