Perfecting the Pooch Picnic

Perfecting the Pooch Picnic

What is a ‘pooch picnic’?

Dog days out and parties have become incredibly popular in recent years and Raised By Humans believe that a pooch picnic could be the perfect day out for you and your best pup. You can go on a little adventure together, enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful British summer weather, lounge around, play catch and spend quality time with man’s best friend.

We seem to be treating our dogs even more than ever when it comes to nice occasions. We want to celebrate them and make sure that they enjoy their time with us – we’re not making this up, the Google search results show it!

  • ‘Dog picnic’ gets searched an average of 5.5k times a month globally
  • ‘Dog birthday cake’ gets searched an average of 13k times a month just in the UK
  • ‘Dog party’ gets searched an average of 500 times a month in the UK

YouGov have also announced that ‘Overall, pet treating occasions have risen 12% in the weeks following the lockdown’. It seems that the proof is in the doggy pudding!

Picnic fit for a royal (corgi!)

With the Queen’s 70th Jubilee coming up on Friday 3rd June, we should be celebrating with our pooch pals! Why not bring the British street party to a blossoming and blooming park and host the celebrations whilst being surrounded by nature? We’re sharing our ideas on how you can throw the perfect pooch picnic in the park!

Top ten tips for the perfect dog picnic

 1. Check the weather beforehand

Always make sure that it won’t be too hot to take your dog out as many breeds, especially those with long hair, can struggle in the heat. Always make sure to pack something for shade if you’re going out in the sun, and maybe even bring a cooling bed for them to lounge on! Of course, don’t forget SPF to protect your skin from the harsh sunrays. 

2. Bring treats

Most dogs will do anything for a little treat. If you want your dog to behave and, most importantly, have fun, then pack them something to nibble on throughout the day. If you’re stuck for ideas we’ve got you sorted with the best food for your pooch picnic below

3. Bring a couple of their favourite toys

Like us, dogs love to be entertained. Whilst you’re hanging out with friends, sunbathing or reading, make sure that you bring their favourite chew toy to play with. Dogs must be exercised whether it be from running or walking, but as you can imagine, running around playing chase for 20 minutes is not easy work! Tiring your best friend out will allow for some relaxation time for you to enjoy your picnic. They’ll want to chill out afterwards and it means that you can get in some well-earned peace and quiet.

4. Good company

If your dog loves to be around others, why not ask your friend to bring your pooch some company over! There’s nothing better than a bustly picnic with all the best food, friends and fun.

5. Keep it dog friendly material-wise

Make sure you aren’t bringing any materials that could accidentally harm the dogs or people at the picnic if broken. This means leaving all the glass and porcelain containers and dishes at home. You can find perfect paper cups or reusable plastic plates which are super lightweight and aren’t going to harm anyone if they got smashed. It’s a win-win situation. 

6. Beware toxic food

Keep any food that is toxic to dogs away from the picnic or in Tupperware tubs just in case they try and sneakily take some. It’s easy to make the mistake of giving your dog a bite of your food, especially when they look so cute, but it’s very important we’re cautious about feeding them dog-friendly food, otherwise it can end in tears.

7. Make sure that everyone is hydrated

Always make sure that dogs have plenty of water available. Hotdogs are great at picnics but not this kind! Pooches get easily dehydrated in the hotter months just like humans. If they’re losing their appetite or being sick this can mean that they are really poorly, so we’d recommend you give them some water and keep your eyes on them. If it continues, call your vet immediately.

8. Take a leash

Don’t forget to take a leash in case your dog gets stressed or starts to run away. No one wants a hectic picnic! We’d recommend making sure you avoid the off-leash dog parks because if other dogs pass by and get a whiff of your delicious food, it’s a recipe for disaster!  

9. Comfort is key

Don’t forget to bring along a dog bed so that your pooch is as comfortable as possible. Our Bright Metric bed would be perfect for this as its beautiful cover is water-resistant and wipeable, great for any accidental spillages.

10. Poop bags

It isn’t glamorous, but your pooch will most likely poo whilst you’re out. What’s even worse is stepping in dog mess, even more so if it isn’t your own dog’s poo! Please be considerate and clean up after your dogs, and dispose of it in the correct manner.

Food that dogs can eat at the pooch picnic

Safe foods for both you and your dog, if you want to share! 


  • Cucumber – very low in salt and sugar. Full of water too!
  • Carrot – great for dogs because of the healthy vitamins in them like vitamin c.
  • Green beans – your dog can eat them in moderation cooked however as long as there is nothing else on them.


  • Watermelon – full of hydration and fibre, watermelon is great for your dog!
  • Banana – healthy and fat-free. Packed with nutrients for your best friend.
  • Apple – deseeded and cored.
  • Blueberries – antioxidant superfood so packed with vitamins and potassium which is all great for dogs.
  • Oranges – a little bit of orange flesh but not seeds, peel or pith for dogs or puppies.

Cooked Foods

  • White rice
  • Boiled chicken – especially if your dog has gastrointestinal issues, vets will actually recommend a bland meal of white rice and boiled chicken.
  • Turkey, pork and lean beef – make sure you aren’t adding oil or seasoning as this can be bad for your dog.
  • Fish like salmon and sardines – they are great for skin and coat health and their mobility as they get older.


(Always in moderation)

  • Cheese – hard cheeses and cottage cheese.
  • Yoghurt – only natural yoghurt.

Extra Treats

(Always in moderation)

  • Peanut butter — be sure the brand you select does not contain xylitol or added sugar.
  • Coconut
  • Honey
  • Popcorn – unflavoured only.
  • You can always buy dog wine and beer or get treats baked for you like the incredible biscuits, Jubilee themed cupcakes, ‘jammy dodgers’ and custard creams pictured from The Hound Lounge in York!

Foods that are toxic to dogs

  • Onions, garlic and chives – anything in this family can be very toxic to dogs as it can cause a breakdown of red blood cells.
  • Chocolate – one of the most well-known toxic foods to dogs, this is because of the amount of theobromine in it.
  • Alcohol – it affect dogs as it does humans, but a lot less will do more damage to them
  • Cooked bones – while we might think dogs love bones, cooked bones can splinter into shards and do serious damage to a dog’s insides.
  • Grapes and raisins – there is an ingredient in both grapes and raisins that can cause kidney failure in dogs.
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