Best Dog Bed for a Puppy

Best Dog Bed for a Puppy

When you welcome a new puppy into your home, amongst the excitement you do need to think about logistics like getting them a dog bed. There are loads of different factors you have to take into account such as size, shape, type and material. We’re going to take you through some of these considerations and show you what you should be getting for your pup.

Get them something they can grow into

Like humans, dogs grow and some grow larger than others. Although you may want them to stay cute and puppy-sized, certain dogs certainly grow a lot larger. You need to try and get them a bed they can grow into rather than something small which needs replacing. It’s also important to ensure that the bed is large enough for them to be comfy. Most dogs curl up when they sleep but some lay like logs. So you need to get the right size so if they decide to stretch out their legs aren’t dangling off the edge.

Before buying your dog’s new bed, look into what size they can potentially grow to and get a bed that would fit the larger in the breed. There’s no harm in them having more space to stretch out in!

What type and shape of bed is best?

Dog beds come in all sort of different shapes. Round and oval beds are great for when your dog wants to curl up into a ball and sleep, usually used by smaller dogs. Mattress dog beds are great for those that love to stretch out and enjoy their space whilst they sleep.

What material should my dog bed be?

You need to ensure that your dog bed is properly padded and offers them protection from hard floors. Sleeping on hard floors can affect their joints and give them aches and pains. The best way to find out is to lay on the bed yourself and see if you find it comfy. If you don’t, it’s highly unlikely that your dog will either.

They also need to be waterproof or at least water-resistant because young puppies can be susceptible to an accident or two. They’re also helpful if you plan on taking your dog camping with to prevent them from getting damaged. It’s also important to ensure that the material is easy to clean because again, puppies can have accidents which can stain and damage the material.

Where is the best place to put my dog’s bed?

This really is down to you and your personal preferences. Young puppies like to be around people so placing their bed in a room where the family usually are is a good place to start. This means they’re comfortable in this room and feel safe and protected to snooze during the day when the family is around.

It’s also important to ensure the bed is not placed in a room where there is a drought or lack of natural heat. They may prefer their bed in a quieter part of the house when they can cosy down and get some peace and quiet. In the first few weeks with your nee pup, try their bed in different parts of the house to find out what’s best for them.

Where can I buy a dog bed for my puppy?

At Raised by Humans, we have a wide range of designer dog beds that are perfect for your new puppy. Get in touch if you have any questions or want any more information on our dog beds.

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