Best dogs for first time owners

Getting your first dog is similar to having your first child. You can read all the books and do all the preparation possible for its arrival but you’re never going to be truly ready for when the new member steps through your doorway.

Luckily for new dog owners, we’re able to choose what type of dog will become part of the family, with the ability to learn and understand which breed will best suit our lifestyles. For first-time dog owners, you’ll be looking for a dog that won’t require too much maintenance or patience as this may result in your dog being undertrained. As potential owners, you’ll have preferences on size, energy levels, coat type and friendliness and there is always a trending dog breed that can have an impact on your preference.

Most dog breeds have been bred over history to fit a purpose or role. Years of breeding has allowed them to gain specific personality traits that have been passed down through generations to suit the role. Although they may no longer be used for that role, the traits have remained. For example, a beagle has been bred for hunting, running in front of horses on a hunt, barking and chasing down live animals has translated into an easily excitable and loud pet. This can be troublesome for new owners as when on walks, they have a tendency to run off after any smell their nose picks up.

In light of this, we have created a list of our top breeds for first-time owners. This is by no means limiting you on which breed you can get but are what we believe to be the most compatible breeds for you to learn the ropes and enjoy your first time as a dog owner.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most recognizable, popular and intelligent dog breeds. This is mostly down to their affectionate and playful personalities, it’s these traits along with their intelligence that makes them so easy to train. This makes them the perfect first pet as they desire your approval and work and learn to get it.

They require regular walks with additional exercises so are a great excuse to get outdoors and become more adventurous but also love a good cuddle on the couch after such exercises. With medium-length fur they require some maintenance towards it to reduce moulting around the house. They are susceptible to becoming overweight so attention to their daily food and exercise will be required.

Great Dane

They’re goofy, gorgeous, lovable giants. A Great Dane is a sizable first dog but is the perfect starter for new dog owners that are looking for a larger breed. Despite their size Great Danes don’t require as much exercise as you’d first think.

They require daily walks to stretch their legs and stay healthy, however, they’re more than happy to nap the day away on the sofa or their bed. Although they can be seen as quite dopey due to their size, a Great Dane has average intelligence making training rather easy for first time owners. Tasks range from making sure they’re toilet trained to walking well on the lead.

The gentle giants are an easy breed to maintain, their short coats don’t require much to maintain, however, their diet will need to keep up with their growth and size. They’re patient and lovable dogs that love a cuddle, this has to be taken with caution as, although they’re not known for their moulting, they’re known for their drooling which can get messy.


On the other side of the size spectrum, there are pugs. With their laidback attitudes to life, the pug breaks the stereotypical mould set for toy dogs, it’s their laidback personality that makes them perfect for new dog owners as they’re very sociable and can get along with anyone, human or animal.

With their short coats, they’re easy to maintain, and being so small they don’t require a lot of walking. When walking, make sure to invest in a harness for your pug. Due to their short noses, the pug is susceptible to breathing problems and a collar will only worsen the situation when walking. A harness allows full control when walking as it is attached to their body and allows you to show restraint when teaching them how to walk on a lead.

Being a new dog owner it’s essential that you get the right essentials for your dog, from the right type of toys and treats to the right sized bowls and beds. Luckily we have a great range of dog beds for first-time dog owners that your new dogs will love. Make sure to check our range to find the perfect bed for your perfect pup.

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