Best dogs for a new family

As the old saying goes, a dog is for life not just for Christmas. This meaning that dogs are a big responsibility and that the decision on what breed we should get should be taken into account.

With social media overflowing with videos and pictures of all different types of breeds, it’s easy to fall in love with the popular breed at the time. This isn’t always the best way to choose your new dog though. As like humans, each dog breed comes with their own different range of personalities and traits. This means that a person who has lived with dogs all their lives and has ample time and space for their dog will be able to keep a wider range of breeds as they are able to tend to their needs compared to a new owner or a new family, where they don’t have as much time to spend walking the dog or space in the garden to keep some breeds active and healthy. When it comes to new families however it is best to find the breeds that are great with children. Dogs come in a wide range of breeds of all shapes and sizes and we have created a list of breeds we feel are great for new families.

Retriever both golden and Labrador


With their friendly sociable and ever so cute personalities, both the labrador and golden retrievers have been a family favourite when it comes to getting a dog and there’s no arguing as to why. This breed has a friendly personality, they are happy to play, walk and be stroked by just about everyone. Their sweet demeanour gives them the ability to be anybody’s best friend almost instantly. Their high energy levels it does mean that they need high exercise levels, this can come through a lot of running around a big garden or some strong walks. These smart dogs are mischievous but can be easily trained. This is helpful to first-time dog owners and new families as children can learn to become more responsible in helping to look after their new best friend.



Despite being stereotyped as being scary guard dogs they are quite the contrary when brought up in a nice home. Their personality traits include being loyal and intelligent dogs, this is because how they have been bred to be so after so many years. These traits are perfect for when starting a new family as despite being a bigger dog, they are often soft and friendly loveable dogs. Due to their size, they can take being petted and played with from children without getting disturbed or anxious making them seem like soft teddys to younger children that will love them dearly. As with Labradors these strong working dogs will require some vigorous working out that will have to be done by adults as they will be strong enough to pull children if not trained to work on a lead without temptations. This is because they can be very excitable when out as they love to play fetch. As being loyal family dogs, they can’t be left alone for too long.



Now, these guys are the other side of the spectrum when it comes to exercise. These loveable lumps are happy to lounge around the house all day with you, spending most of their time napping whilst you’re away or even in the house. They still require regular walks however what would have a rottweiler running for hours would send a bulldog to sleep in half the time. These slobbery guys are always ready for a cuddle and a belly rub and are rather easy to maintain and look after so are ideal for new families living in smaller houses. Watch out for the occasional slobber trail, especially if you’re making their favourite tea as with their shaped jaws they are prone to over slobbering which can get a bit tricky to clean up.

French bulldog

French Bulldog

For families wanting a smaller dog breed, there is the French bulldog, these are perfect for people that are living in the city as they require no outdoor space but more just regular walks. These little cuties don’t come with the feisty behaviour most small dogs come with instead they are playful and full of love. This lovable nature comes with needing a lot of attention, this can become a problem if you don’t have a lot of free time for these pups as this can cause stress and anxiety. This can result in them chewing, barking and other stressful habits. This can be common in dogs and there are ways to help reduce their stress levels when left alone. For more information on separation anxiety go over to our post talking through the different symptoms and how to help reduce these.

Just remember with a new family pet you will need to buy everything they need from toys to food. This can be a task to find the best quality products for your new best friends. Luckily, we can help you, with our range of dog beds coming in different sizes they are perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes with features to help them last.

By Raised By Humans