Best dogs for a companion

Whether you’re looking for a new best friend, a new addition to the family or even a companion to help you get through the daily struggles of life, dogs are a perfect choice.

From helping guide the blind through their daily lives, helping relieve stress and unhappiness to just being a smiling and happy soul, dogs can change people’s lives for the better. Although dogs in general are amazing companions there are some dogs that take it to another level. Showing copious amounts of love and compassion for their owners no matter what the activity or where they are. These dogs are great for families or single owners whether you’re active or like to sit around on the sofa all day, they’re just happy to be by your side.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a little bundle of fluff with a whole lot of love to give. These small dogs are full of energy and mischief and need regular exercise. With them being so small this exercise can be secured with a nice trip to the park with a tennis ball. Their energy can be matched with their obedience and willingness to learn. A great way to keep this up and bond is to teach them tricks. This constant attention and affection will go a long way and help you bond more.

Their soft crystal white coats rarely shed and are easy to maintain making them a great first dog.

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Border Collie

Known for their high intelligence from years of working in the fields herding sheep and other work dog duties, the border collier is a great companion for anyone. Don’t worry though, when the work is over they know how to relax, cuddle up and have a cosy night in with their owners!

These smart dogs love giving and receiving affection from their owners and are great at finding ways of showing it. Although they love going on walks and keeping active, another way to keep them happy on those rainy days is to give their minds a workout with puzzles and games for them to complete. Training comes as second nature to the Border Collie so bonding with these pups is as easy as sit, lie down and rollover.

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Boxers are the definition of being full of energy and love. After originally being bred for dogfighting, hunting and being guard they’ve adapted their loyalty and energy away from aggression and more towards love and compassion. Similar to how children act excited by everything whilst having a cute sense of curiosity and love for all the boxer serves as a great friend and companion. They do require a lot of exercise however, but this attention and exercise is rewarded with loving cuddles and softness when all tired out.

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British bulldogs are loved for their small stocky structure with wrinkles galore. These small lovable lumps are very intelligent and great friends to have. Although they’re made out to be lazy, these breeds are actually just very mellow and chilled out. It’s this characteristic that makes them an ideal companion who loves cosying up by the fire. They love the attention and laying on your lap at night.

These dogs are sweet, devoted and aim to please their owners. Their intelligence can go a long way with some proving to be great skateboarders and mastering other tricks. These tricks are a great way to bond along with playtime as they don’t require too much exercise. It might be an idea to get them some chew toys as they usually have a hankering for a chew.

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