Best Beds for Great Danes

When getting a new dog it can be a confusing and stressful time. The not knowing what dog food you need when it arrives, how you’re going to house train it, what kind of bed are they going to need and will they be likely to get separation anxiety can be difficult to manage. It can become even more difficult when you get one of the biggest breeds in the animal kingdom, the Great Dane.

The Great Dane can grow up to 86cm tall and weigh up to 91 KG so can be a lot for a family to handle, especially when it comes to the care needed on their bodies when sleeping and exercising as their joints can cause major issues over time.

Are Great Dane’s good family pets?

Great Dane’s are known to be gentle giants. Similar to most big dogs, the Great Dane was bred to be a loyal guard dog and through history have been seen to be such. However, in modern-day, this loyalty hasn’t changed but their lifestyles have. This loyalty now goes towards families where they show a lot of affection and love towards their owners. They are great when brought up with children being protective towards them whilst also having a playful side in their personality can live well with other dogs and animals.

How much do Great Dane’s eat?

Due to their size, a Great Dane can get through a lot of food in a short space of time and if your not careful you could be losing your own food from your plates. Although they can eat a lot of food that doesn’t mean we should be letting them. Overfeeding is a problem with bigger dogs as people are unsure how much they truly need for a balanced diet and just allow them to eat as much as they want.

When your puppy is aged between 3 and 6 months you should aim for around 4 to 8 cups of food a day if a male, and 3 – 6 cups if female. These cups are to be divided into 3 daily servings. As they age you should be increasing the amounts as by the age of 1 they should be eating between 6-10 cups a day if they are male and 5- 8 cups if female. When they become an adult after around 2 years you should look to feed your dog 9 to 15 cups if male and around 8 cups for females depending on size.

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Can Great Dane’s be left alone?

As with any breed of dog at an early age, it’s not advised to leave your dog alone for very long. As they get older and more accustomed to their environment then you should be able to leave them for a longer, however, it’s advised that you don’t leave them for any longer than 4-5 hours.

Great Dane’s are dependent dogs and can suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, unless you have another dog for them to keep company whilst your away for the day then it would be advised to have someone with the dog with 4-5 hours within each other. If this isn’t possible on occasional days then it would be a good idea to take your dog on a long walk to tire them out, this will allow them to sleep throughout the day.

Do Great Dane’s need a lot of exercise?

As with being a big dog, the Great Dane is usually believed to require a lot of exercises and their playful and occasional hyperactive personality can reinforce this thought. However this isn’t the case, due to their great size, their joints become more fragile and susceptible to injury. Great Danes instead only require a moderate amount of exercise such as nice long walks or time in the park without overexerting them.

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What bed is best for a Great Dane?

With a Great Dane, you have to be able to look after their bodies. As they have little fur, muscle or fat on the outer sides of their body their bones will be damaged when laying on hard surfaces. This means that they require a lot of padding in their beds to compensate for this. Another observation is the size of the bed, obviously, with the Great Dane, you should look for a mattress style bed that is big enough for your Great Dane to fit onto.

At Raised by Humans we have got the perfect bed for Great Danes, with our mattress styled bed they will have many comfortable nights sleeps to come. Also with a fully removable, Highly-durable cover so you don’t have to worry about the dog smell taking over the house giving you peace of mind. To find out more check out our designer dog beds range.

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