Are memory foam dog beds worthwhile?

There was a time when memory foam dog beds were tricky to find. And even if you did manage to find one, it would have been more expensive than alternative options. In most cases, memory foam dog beds were purely aimed at dogs with arthritis and other joint or hip problems. In a similar way, you might remember that memory foam mattresses for us humans were once limited to those who needed orthopaedic or specialist care, and they came with a bigger price tag to boot.

But as the years have gone by, memory foam beds for dogs and humans alike have become much more widely available. They’re significantly more affordable, too, which means you and your pet can both enjoy premium comfort beds without breaking the bank.

But does my pet really need a memory foam dog bed?

A good quality memory foam dog bed can do wonders for dogs with pain and discomfort in their joints or muscles. But the benefits of this type of dog bed certainly aren’t limited to dogs with medical conditions.

In fact, the comfort they provide is welcome for every dog, whatever the breed, age, or general health. They can be particularly helpful for medium and large breeds, as well as overweight dogs because the right memory foam bed will be able to support their weight without creating pressure points that could lead to skin sores. They can also be a better option for older dogs, who need extra comfort and support.

What’s more, if your pooch happens to be a restless sleeper, or they just can’t seem to get comfortable, a memory foam could just be the answer.

How exactly does memory foam work?

Memory foam is designed to respond to the individual shape and weight of your dog, meaning it moulds to the body of the animal. The fact that it does this lets the joints, muscles and spine rest in the most natural way possible. By relieving the pressure points, it eases any pain and discomfort while providing maximum support. This kind of capability is something that traditional bed bases and standard foam dog beds simply can’t match.

dog with owner

Are there any other benefits?

Even beyond comfort and support, memory foam beds offer lots of other benefits. For example, memory foam responds to your dog’s body temperature, which helps maintains a more controlled environment for sleeping. If your four-legged friend is prone to overheat, a different dog bed could be a way to help. That way, your dog won’t have to slide on the floor in an attempt to cool down.

Because memory foam is pressure sensitive, it can also help relieve the pain of pressure sores or ulcers. These are often bothersome to dogs when they’re trying to rest.

Does the quality of the foam matter?

Just like any type of bed, the better the quality, the better the night’s sleep. The higher the density, the better support it will provide for your companion. You’ll also need to think about the depth you need; if it’s not thick enough to cope with the weight of your dog, or it’s too thin to deliver the right level of orthopaedic support, they won’t realise the benefits of having a memory foam bed.

Memory foam dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. So it’s important to take the time to find the perfect fit for your pooch, so they can really make the most of the benefits.

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Is there anything else I should know?

Having a memory foam dog bed with a waterproof cover can be a very sensible idea. For one thing, it provides great protection for the foam inside, which will help make sure it keeps its integrity. On top of that, having a waterproof cover makes the whole thing much easier to keep clean and tidy. If the cover is machine washable, that’s even more convenient – all you need to do is take them off and the job’s done.

By Raised By Humans