A guide to dog reservoir walks

It is recommended that on average dogs should get at least an hours worth of exercise a day. When doing this every day it can become tiresome and boring following the same walk day in day.

When you have a spare weekend it can be a great idea to find new places and walks to create new adventures for you and your dogs.

Great places to go for walks is the countless reservoirs these are primarily in the countryside full of new, exciting sights and smells.  With around 570 in the UK alone you’ll be spoilt for choice when wanting to take your dog out on a new walk. These walks generally span over a few miles so guaranteed to tire even the most energetic dogs out. Here we’ve listed our top reservoirs across the country.

Thrucross Reservoir

The Thruscross Reservoir gives you one of the longer but more rewarding walks for you and your dog. With it sitting on the edge of the more the reservoir attracts many types of wildlife and gives you a feeling of escapism whilst on this walk.

 With this dam comes a complex history, like some larger reservoirs the Thruscross engulfed a whole settlement village when creating the damn. This said village appears when the water levels of the dam are low and allowing you to understand the large scale of which it took to build such important water reserves.

Derwent Reservoir

Derwent Dam is one of the most famous reservoirs in the country for a couple of reasons. Firstly similarly to other reservoirs in order for the dam to be built Derwent village was flooded, one of the building to be flooded for this project was Derwent Hall, built in the early 16th century and was flooded in the 1900’s for World War 2. When this dam was built it allowed the RAF to practice using the Bouncing bomb technology used for the dam busters movement.

The walk heads through Hancock Wood, before climbing to Walker’s Clough. You then cross the moorland above the reservoir with some truly wonderful views to enjoy. The route then descends to Ladybower Reservoir, where you pass along the water before returning to the car park.


The lake is known for its wildlife and gorgeous walkways, There are multiple options and opportunities to find new walks and route around this reservoir with the favourite spanning around 2 miles, this round trip gives you a picturesque walk around the reservoir as well as through woods and meadows. There will be a great amount of new and exciting things for your dog to explore whilst on this walk.

A new kiosk, run from Penryn, has opened at Argal offering good quality coffee, hot and cold drinks, home-made cakes and breakfasts. There are also several picnic and barbecue areas and excellent views across the water. Argal is ideal for a family afternoon out.

Harlaw Reservoir

The Harlaw reservoir promotes a nice leisurely walk around the water. In the countryside just out of Edingburgh it is a great escape for many city dwellers and their pets who want a change of scenery. Perfect for a summer stroll and a picnic this goes through untouched countryside which allows a lot of nature to nest and thrive alongside the waters secluding the area from the rest of the world.

Bewl Reservoir

The Bewl Reservoir boasts one of the longer walks in our list carrying on for over 12 miles this is a great way to spend the day exploring the vast landscape the Bewl creates. This six-hour trek consists of forest paths and country lanes giving you the best of both worlds making the most of being surrounded by nature as well as giving you gorgeous views in between. This reservoir is one of the busiest going with en emphasis on water sports allowing people of all ages and interest’s to enjoy the reservoir.

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By Raised By Humans