11 signs your dog might actually be your child

It’s no secret that we are well and truly a nation of animal lovers, to the point where we treat our beloved furry friends better than most human family members.

1. You speak to them like they can fully understand the English language.

“How many times must we have this conversation? Dinner will be ready when I say it’s ready”

2. When you accidentally step on them and spend the next three days apologising and wondering if they will ever forgive you.

“Wha…what have I become…”

3. You have an embarrassingly large collection of photos and videos of them on your phone.

“I knew I should’ve got the 128gb”

4. You’re overwhelmed with pride when they learn something new.


5. You protect them with your life.

“I have a very particular set of skills. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.”

6. You try and be mad and then they do that look and you melt.


7. Nothing but the best will do for your little ball of love. Even if that means buying them a bed that looks better than yours.

8. You never let them out of the house without their shoes on. Ok maybe this isn’t a thing, but just look at this gif.

“I love the Internet.”

9. Their wardrobe is most certainly more fashionable than yours.


10. There’s a seat in the car with their name on it.


11. And the most telling sign? They are always the most sure-fire way to brighten your day.

“No caption necessary.”

By Raised By Humans